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Friday, July 2, 2010

A No Brainer.

I love it when a plan comes together ~ Hannibal Smith. Back in the '80s they made this no~brainer t.v show called the A~Team which got slammed all the time for the amount of violence it contained. Someone should have a word with the makers of Mythbusters ~ but I digress. I'm not generally an action fan. My line tends to movies that have the kids going "Muuuum!!!" in horror struck tones. Sinfully wicked, delightfully witty ~ & absolutely no~one will watch with me.

I did, however, become a fan of the A~Team. It was quirky. Howling Mad Murdock was my man. I had an affinity with someone who owned an imaginary dog & was so attached to him he had him run beside B.A's van on an imaginary leash because B.A wasn't having no imaginary animals in his van. I have a feeling Liddy would sympathise with that sentiment. Howling Mad had the best lines, always so surprised to be caught out & the sight of him with a thumb out attempting to hitch a ride with a jumbo jet still makes me smile.

Somewhere along the way someone brought the dvds into the house ~ probably me though I don't actually remember doing so ~ & strangely enough Ditz was charmed. She likes things getting blown up ~ & yes, she's a Mythbusters fan! When she heard they were redoing the show as a movie she was charmed.
I believe Dirk Benedict, who played the original Faceman, assessed they would screw up the remake. I think he got it right. There were certain elements in the original that enabled you to suspend reality for the duration of the show ~ mostly because no~one at all took it seriously ~certainly not the actors & certainly no~one expected a viewer to. It was fun silliness, silly fun, often quirky & even more often hilarious.

Ditz lacks for discrimination but I indulged her. After all, Liam Neeson is hot ~ an observation that elicited: "Muuum! You're married. To my father! Eeew!" I think that's what I missed. The movie wasn't funny. It took itself way too seriously but lacked the necessary depth of character & story~line to actually be taken seriously. Ah, well. Ditz was happy. Just about everything got blown up.


Diane Shiffer said...

Wow girl... I never woulda taken you for an A-Team fan! lawlz:-D

Would you believe I have never even seen the show? and the only character I can even identify is Mr. T? This is so funny, I am snickering to myself... Ganeida is an A-Team fan! hehehe;-)

Now Mythbusters? that's a huge hit around here. We don't have teevee, but the kids are able to watch some of the episodes on the computer. Personally, I am absolutely convinced that Jamie is an Aspie. Think about it and see if you don't agree with me;-)

Ganeida said...

Diane: Who's Jamie? I don't actually watch Mythbusters but Ditz loves that show. I have some really odd likes. I was a huge fan of a British spy series called Callan back in the 70s ~ & yet, you know I very rarely watch t.v. I can't concentrate long enough. Halfway through a show I'll forget I'm suppossed to be watching & wander off to something more interesting. Ditz keeps wanting me to watch her favourites with her but ...

Diane Shiffer said...

Jamie is the mythbuster with the big walrus mustache... I'd be willing to bet some major change that the guy has Asperger's. Seriously.

And I'm with you on the wandering-away-from-the-tv thing. Unless it's a really wonderful adaptation of some really wonderful book- then I'm mezmerized. BTW, you simply must watch BBC's North and South. I may have mentioned it to you before, but it's worth repeating. It is the best film I have ever seen bar none. Good!

kimba said...

I liked Callan although due to parental concerns I watched it as an adult.

I grew up on Batman which had the sense to not take itself too seriously (I didn't realise the villains were mostly played by old movie actors until later). Even today I find them funny although the pilot movie had some bad taste.

I don't intend to watch the modern versions ever.

Ganeida said...

Diane: i'll ask Ditz to point him out & make a point of checking him out. North & South would not normally be my thing. Not being American my take on events is far more jaded ~ but then there is Patrick Swayze...☺ Ditz will have heart failure!

Kimba: lol I wouldn't have taken you for a Callan fan but then, like so many BBC series, it was wonderfully well done.

You wouldn't like the new Batman at all. They ditched Robin. I always winder if it was to stop the gay innuendo jokes. Very flashy but it's just not the same...☺

Jan Lyn said...

Some times I just need a smile and you sure provide it here...LOL. I love the reaction to your 'thing' for Liam. My daughters have said similar things to me. THEN, they say them if hubby and I are being loving gross. Time will definately change that real soon here I think. :)

seekingmyLord said...

Just when I think I know you, you surprise me!

Just popping in to let you know I am still around, although my blog looks neglected. I up to my neck in creating things for my little church: a new logo, new huge outside sign, and entire website, and pretty much anything that says "Hey, there is a church here!"

Next time you get a message that we are supposed to be generous with the gifts the Lord has given to us, could you also remind Him that I am the only one who is experienced with websites, working with digital art, and creating original artwork in my church and that my husband is the only one experienced with computers, multimedia, and networks. Before we had leadership that would not delegate well, now we have leadership that will gladly dump it ALL in your lap, if you have the talent. Actually, it is more like desperation to save the church and there is no one else who can do these things. I really do hope the Lord does use it to bring people in.

In the meantime, I so need chocolate!!!