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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think. ~ La BruyereI have to share.

Yesterday I lost my tenuous grip ~ on everything.  I am no fun to play with when that happens.  I am weepy.  And miserable.  I sleep a lot. I find it hard to get out of bed let alone actually do anything & forget achieving.

And this is what the Lord did for me:

Liddy left me a message on FB to say she had bought the gluey stuff to glue the rubber strips on the mainland car doors back on & was sitting in a park waiting for it to dry.  One thing I could stop fretting about finding the time & resources to do.

The lady whose daughter I have been lugging all over Brisbane for choir rang to offer to take Star with them last night so I didn't have to travel.  Star, who is very rarely unchaperoned anywhere by at least one member of her over~protective family was rather chuffed.  Same lady offered to take Star to her next performance ~ a huge blessing as Liddy is away that weekend with the car & it all looked like becoming a huge drama in my life.

Liddy took Star to the library & Star came home beaming.  She had found me a book!  She pointed to the picture on the spine.

"Look, mum", Star could barely contain her delight in her own cleverness, "It's historical."  Hysterical, more like.  My lovely, thoughtful & loving child never looked beyond the icon on the spine, which to do her justice did designate the book as historical fiction.  When you've been reading books as long as I have you have a nose for when *history* is a misnomer for *Romance*. I am trying not to gag as I wade through it.  And can I let you all in on a little secret?  It gets worse.  Knowing my obsession with all things Celtic & having been raised with the knowledge she is related to the Kings of Scotland on the *wrong side of the blanket* Star had scoured the shelves for something Scottish, something Bonnie Prince Charlie~ish.  Oh dear.  She couldn't have chosen a worse period if she'd tried with both hands for a month of Sundays!  It's not just that the Scots lost, it's that they put their hope in such a vain & incompetent peacock of a man.  Best not to go there.

So when I picked Liddy up from the boat I thought I'd do something nice for Star, seeing how our library keeps such odd hours & Star is never here on Wednesdays when it opens late because that is the rotation day & all the new books come in.  Star almost always has a pile of books on order & there is invariably something sitting on the shelves for her.  And do you know what my beautiful, wonderful child had done?  She had ordered the next Cornwell book on~line for me when I was too busy to do it for myself & there is was!  Ready & waiting with the new rotation amongst Star's collection of Anime & DVDs ~ one of which is Casablanca! *Swoon*  What's more, Star had ordered for herself, Golding's Lord of the Flies.  OK, so I really loath that book but I am hugely impressed she is reading it for *pleasure*.  When she is done I can use it for *school*.  Oh my!  I outdo me in mummy sneakiness some days!

The Lord wasn't quite done with me for the day either.  Dearest, who gets worried when I start falling apart [because if I fall apart the whole house falls apart & great is the destruction thereof] cooked dinner.  Lots & lots of veggies & I don't have a meltdown the way Star does if a bit of meat juice accidentally ends up in my meal.  I prepared the girl a lovely cheesy omelet that was almost ready when she walked in the door ~ with her leftover Maccas still in her hand!

"Oh!" said Star.  "I would much rather have had that than Maccas," & promptly proceeded to devour a second dinner.  Good thing.  Omelet isn't something that keeps.

And lastly, but hardly least, the Lord pointed out I am hardly the first mother in the world whose children He has called to the ends of the known earth ~ & I will hardly be the last.  It's all very well for Liddy, so my mind goes, she gets all the adventure & I get to stay behind & worry about her ~ & wait for news.  Did I ever mention how much I hate waiting?  To say nothing of her grandmother from whom I learnt the great & ineffectual art of worrying.  At which point the e~mail came through from OM ~ & I do know it's standard issue but something I think every missionary's parents need to hear ~ & missionary grandparents too: the acknowledgement that they too are giving something up ~ normal hopes, dreams, expectations.  Something better may take their place but the old still needs to be let go of first.  In fact it has obviously been such an issue over the years OM have put together a support organization.  Check it out.

So I have been loved & I have been told & I am feeling much better today, thank you.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day it turned out to be. So glad for you.


seekingmyLord said...

I wish I had words of wisdom to offer, but it seems God is speaking to you, which is much better!

Ruby said...

Praise God he has given comfort in your time of need. He will sustain you and it is wonderful how your family are stepping up.
I think of Mary, she understood how difficult it is to give up your child for the Lord's purpose.

Julie said...

You are a resilient woman even when having a meltdown, Ganeida. It's a valuable trait. :)

Kim said...

So lovely to meet you Friend Ganeida! Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog.

I'm so glad your day was a blessing in the end - what a sweet and thoughtful daughter and husband you have!

God bless,