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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day out With the Rest of the Family.

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live. ~John Paul II

 My beautiful cousin turned 60 this week. My large extended family is the terror of unwary females marrying into a bevvy of tall, leggy blondes who swoop on all & sundry hugging & kissing.  Star has been spared the family assault until recently.  Like others before her she is now a little shell~shocked & realises her singing cousin is neither a family anomaly nor a little strange.  It is in the blood.
 We celebrated at Harrigans, which is down Jacob's Well way & so out in the sticks there are neither signposts nor directions.  More than one of us got lost...  We travelled down with my mother as Liddy has our car for the weekend.  After days of torrential downpours we actually got a really nice day.

Harrigans is a *family* pub.  Aussies can stop thinking the local with the 5 o'clock swill.  It's much more like an English pub though considerably bigger than any English pub I got to see ~ & I saw a few.  Cheap lunches.  It has a lovely decor & being next to the marina has gone for a nautical theme.  Rather nice really.
 And this lovely lady is another cousin, a rather special one because she kept her promise to a rather besotted child & her wedding was the only time I ever got to be a bridesmaid.  Every girl should be a bridesmaid at least once in a lifetime.  Other family that has served overseas on the mission field.  Extroverts.
And I lost Star to the jazz & swing band.  She'd bravely gone to request a song ~ which they didn't know~ so having mangled her song of choice they dedicated one they did know to her! The luck of the Irish?  She certainly looked Irish enough with her hair a lovely shade of red when the light caught it, a delicate porcelain skin & a sweet smattering of freckles. 

She's performing herself tomorrow before we resume schooling. Great way to end the holidays.


Gerry Snape said...

Lovely famliy celebrations! we've just had a weekend together and a mad party for the BIG wedding! splendiferous!!

Ruby said...

Ganeida, that sounds like a great way to celebrate a family birthday.
We are getting back into the harness tomorrow. Oh dear, I am just not in the head space for schooling! I am setting myself a little stricter routine for this term in an effort to be more consistant than last. So much going on here that it is hard to keep my once fairly organised daily routine going. That's life.
Have a great week!

Finding Joy said...

Family celebrations are great -yours looks like it will be filled with memories.

Prayers for school commencing that all goes smoothly.

Lovely weekend (what is left of it)

seekingmyLord said...

How nice!