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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easterfest 2011 is the largest drug and alcohol free festival in Australia ~ Easterfest boast.
 Wave to Dave; he's the one in the blue T & VMs occasional pianist ~ Mibus' keyboard artist. They were featured artists at Eaterfest this year & I believe Star actually went & said hi.  Dave is sweet & said hi back.  No, he really is nice.  Genuinely sweet & nice & a really good musician.
 Toowoomba is as Toowoomba always is at this time of the year:  Misty & nippy round the edges.  Such fun to camp in.
 The Happy Campers.

My girls.  Star will have so many good memories of happy times with Liddy.

The food was dubious....
And they got rained out, the big marquee collapsing under the weight of water.  The river came up causing concerne amongst the powers that be & things got shifted in a hurry.  Figure Star saw it all as a Grande Adventure.  Liddy, older & a little more circumspect, was happy to have her own warm dry bed last night. All their clothing was sodden so today we are washing & hanging & if we are blessed our rain will hold off until some of it is dry.

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Diane Shiffer said...

Ahhh.... camping, how I despise thee. Not an outdoorsy sort o'gal, not in the least teensiest bit. (which I imagine does not surprise you, not in the least teensiset bit, eh? ;-})

Your girls are, of course, gorgeous and adorable♥