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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent. ~ Dave Barry

Easter is invariably wet ~ & wet it has been!  Four inches in the past couple of days. Star has been watching the cloud anxiously.  Last year she was still a little young but this year she has been deemed old enough & mature enough to go to Toowoomba with her sister for Easterfest.  Added bonus this year ~ Mibus.  Dave is often the Vocal Manoeuvres' pianist & the girls know him quite well.  The kids get put under canvas in Queens Park ~ with the added bonus of knowing when we lived in Toowoomba their father managed this park & was responsible for much of the glorious rose beds.

Liddy promised Star this trip together last year because despite their occasional spats & the age difference they actually get along very well together.  When they were younger the more reserved Liddy would use her extrovered little sister to break the social ice more often than not.  Then Star grew wise to what was going on & refused to play.  They will miss each other & I will miss the bizarre conversations because my youngest often opens her mouth before she engages her brain & we get a Star Classic.

Liddy: I'm going to have a shower.
Star:  I'll go with you.  We have to save water.

Know what she meant but it's not what she said!


Julie said...

I hope the sun peeks out on Easter and gives you a break from the wet! Blessings on you all...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. So Star :-)


seekingmyLord said...

Now Star sounds like someone else I know--not the Princess this time, but my mother. If there was any way to say something in the wrong way at just the right moment, my mother took the honor to do so...and as if that was not enough she would brag on herself many times later for the blunder! I would blame the bleach used to make her blonder, but my aunt assured me she was also like that as a child.

I hope the girls have fun together on their outing.

Jo said...

While you "enjoy" a wet Easter, we are having a cold but sunny Easter - I think I prefer mine to yours!! I don' mind the cold as long as I see the sunshine for some of the day.

joyfulmum said...

hmmm, we don't usually have a wet Easter but it's looking like it this year :(
home alone eh? enjoy!!!

LightBulb_88 said...

What a small world - Dave Mibus was my accompanist throughout highschool! Glad to hear he's still around, playing and doing well! Give him my best when you next see him (you can remind him I was viola at Mansfield - it was quite a few years ago!!).