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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The best way to garden is to put on a wide-brimmed straw hat and some old clothes. And with a hoe in one hand and a cold drink in the other, tell someone else where to dig.~ Texas Bix BenderI don't know if it's a sin; I do know I live too much in my head. It's exhausting ~ as Liddy is finding out.  So now the term is practically over & I can leave Star reading in bed with a good conscience I decided that now we oficially have autumn weather, crisp mornings,  cool evenings, it was time to do something I rarely get a chance to indulge in during term time: garden.  Naturally it has begun to rain.

Nothing detered I grabbed Marlow, who is prone to cry if I am out of sight for more than 2 minutes & drive the entire house insane, & joined Kirby in the yard.  Marlow was rather shocked to find himself  outside & unceromoniously dumped among the weeds.  Kirby, on the other hand, was absolutely delighted.  He parked himself to get the best view of my activities & watched with interest as I started planting these out. We began with 1/2 a dozen from mum's several years ago. They propogate themselves prolifically & are a wonderful groundcover & hole filler with the added bonus of getting a pretty mauve & white iris style flower with a yellow centre.  A little mondo grass to plug the smaller holes & voila!

We beat the rain~ just.  I called the cats & headed in.  Kirby shot between my legs at the fist spits knowing what was coming but Marlow, who I'm sure is as thick as a brick & unused to the great outdoors, was so taken with the novelty of the exercise he'd ignored my call. As the rain arrived in torrents he cowered on the ramp to the verandah  not wanting to slink round the corner into a biting wind & race for the door.  Instead he simply mewed pathetically. I had to go rescue him. He is pathetic.  Totally, absolutely pathetic.  And everyone in this house panders to him.  His neurosis is indulged.  Everyone from Dearest to Star pick him up & cuddle him  while making reassuring noises that they will find his alpha for him & life will be just fine.

So in between showers I will be digging holes & planting seedlings.  I will rake my yard because we don't believe in grass.  It's a surface feeder & heavy water user & no~one in this country of long term drought should ever grow grass ~ not that my opinion ever stopped anyone but thems my thinks.

I am hoping for some fine weather.  Liddy & Dino & I want to redo the veggie garden before the cold weather sets in.  I'm not real hopeful.  Easter here is sodden more often than not.  This year looks like running true to form.  Maybe I will drag out a canvas & paint.  A little time is a heady feeling.  I feel a rush of blood to the brain.

'All gardeners live in beautiful places, because they make them so.'~ Joseph Joubert


Diane Shiffer said...

I am the world's worst gardener. Really... I'm not just saying that either. My yard is a mess and I kill everything. My favorite flower is the lily of the valley, which everyone else tells me grows so prolifically it can almost wind up as a pest. Except not in my garden a'course. Can't keep the things alive from one year to the next. It's quite pathetic really. I think I need to head out with my straw hat, old clothes, hoe and cold drink... and watch you do the digging;-}

I love the fall. I am jealous of your fall☺

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ahh, so busy you only had the chance of taking ONE picture. :)

Ruby said...

I'm not much of a gardener either but the moisture in the soil is very inviting at the moment! My holiday project all revolve around the inside though I am afraid :-) So much turmoil here that many routine jobs are sadly left undone.

Ganeida said...

Persuaded: for someone who grows people so well I can't believe you kill of plants! lol

HEM: No, I got rained

Ruby: ah, well, yes, given an option the house will always go to pot while I either read or garden. *sigh* I like a clean house; I'm just not much of a housekeeper. Other things are always more interesting & given the state of our fruit & veg after all the floods a working garden is a sensible option.

Finding Joy said...

Since I moved south I have done very well with gardening, in particular my veggies. Generally I can stick something in the ground, cover it in snail bait and water often and things grow. This might have a lot to do with our climate and the rain we get (which is far less than you and no humidity).

My kitty sits at the door watching me in the garden - she would like to join me, but if I carry her out side she panics as it is SO BIG AND SCARY outside!!

Hope Star enjoys her reading.

Joyfulmum said...

hmmm, I do NOT like gardening, my tiny backyard is pathetic to say the least! I tell everyone I have a brown thumb, everything I plant turns brown and dies:)

seekingmyLord said...

Sounds very nice! My cat only likes the outdoors from close to the back deck and even then I think he is just trying to find where the catnip is planted in my herb garden.

Plants outside do well here...inside ones have far less a chance to make it, but I do have an aloe plant that has survived nearly ten years of neglect. Being in our bathroom, it mostly grabs moisture during showers, I think.

I like gardening, but my gardens look pathetic due to a four-year drought and then lack of funds to add plants when rain fall levels returned to normal. I have moved the hardier plants to spread them out, but we need more. I wish my back felt better instead of worse today as I would like to play in the dirt with greenery, but there will be other days I suppose...I hope....

Julie said...

I never took up gardening, but my husband and daughter absolutely love it. I always marvel at the lavish gardens people do here, where we have such a short growing season. Have a wonderful, soiled time, Ganeida. :)

Sandra said...

Both of us looking forward to gardening, me at the coming of spring and you at the arrival of fall. I have just a couple of snow piles left!