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Sunday, April 10, 2011

"The command has been to 'go,' but we have stayed — in body, gifts, prayer and influence. ~Robert Savage

Some things don't change much.  Liddy used to climb into her high chair & pontificate away, laying down the law to the entire household ~ & mightily peeved if no~one listened to her.  And a Hen's Morning!  Oh, my!  The way she would bang her milk mug on the table to announce she too had something to say over the coffee & cake.  It used to be sorta cute.

Like I said.  Some things don't change much. Sunday Liddy was speaking in church ~ her church.  All week we have listened as she worked to get her ideas down on paper & remember enough she wouldn't need notes or palm cards & when I tired Star took over giving her performance pointers & criticising her default position & generally rolling her eyes at Liddy's lack of acceptable deportment.

Sunday meant a 7.30 boat for my entire household. 7.30!!! Dino didn't walk in the door till 6.45, having been to a friend's 21st, & Star thinks being woken any time before 9am is a hanging offence.  I think Liddy was a little stunned that we were all prepared to roll out to show our support.  I'm a given but her dad has a broken back & very rarely travels anywhere.

The kid's travelled over in the tinny while Dearest & I travelled far more decorously by ferry.  By the time we arrived Dino & Star where busily buying themselves a hot & greasy breakfast which they proceeded to share with their father while I gagged out the window.  How they could that early in the morning I do not know but they did.

Now Liddy & Star & I chose this church together & we chose it for 3 reasons:  It had biblical teaching; it had a strong youth fellowship; it was missions orientated.  We did not choose it for its friendliness & I have always found it a really cold church & not the least welcoming.  It took Liddy, who is approachable & personable if a little shy initially, a long time to make friends.  Dino is still struggling.  I have rarely even been spoken to & then only briefly.  Admittedly I'm usually at the youth service with Liddy & that's a little off~putting for many young people but as the service is not just younger people one might expect something a little different.  At which point I really should point out I actually don't mind.  I find small talk with people I don't know really difficult & completely exhausting.  So dragging the entire family that's round at present into a church most of us attend only sporadically & which Dearest has never been to was already a little intimidating.

When God has a point to make He's not shy about making it.  We were warmly welcomed at the door. This gentleman also made a point of speaking to us later & remembered all our names!!!  That's impressive!  Three different Welcomers noticed our presence & came across to be introduced.  None of them knew Liddy or that she was speaking that morning.  The ladies in front turned round to chat to us all.  Several gentlemen came over to speak to Dearest.  Dearest, who so rarely gets a chance to socialize, was in his element.  I left him to it!

At some point Ian & Ruth, the QLD OM co~ordinators arrived to show their support & several of the youth group also turned up to show willing, given the morning service isn't popular with any of the youth.  Liddy was very nervous but she is a Miss~Have~A~Chat & speaks clearly & fluently.  She talked about growing up on the island & the small island church, about the Brazilian street children, about how God touched her heart & called her into mission.  And I was giggling to myself because the verse Liddy got on Saturday night coming home on the boat was from Isaiah 61:1 The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound

Those of you who have felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to speak out in church know that there is an anointing that comes with that if it is of the Lord & there is attentive silence.  Despite the flaws in her presentation & her nervousness that anointing was on Liddy as she spoke.  The church was silent & attentive.  She will get better with practise.

Ruth snavelled me after the service.  She was desperate to make sure I understood that though the initial training is only for 9 months she is certain Liddy will be taken on for the extra 2 years.  I have always known that & told her so.  We discussed the finances, which is coming in in lots of small amounts.  I am ok about that.  Lots of small is better than only one or 2 large gifts.  We were also in agreement that the Lord wanted to be certain Liddy knew she was totally reliant on Him for everything.  The church still hasn't agreed to finance her at all, though several individuals have.  That may yet change but it is not the point.  The missions team is not supportive.  It is one of those odd ones.  They are alone in their concerns.  So far Liddy has beaten them to everything that needs doing: she organised her *gap team* on her own initiative; she organised her prayer support [thank you so much all those of you on that from her mummy]; she has her spread sheet, her brochure, her pamphlets all done. 

To my utter surprise, because Dearest has only ever heard us speak about this church, Dearest was really happy with the teaching & the church.  We picked up burgers & wraps & abandoned Liddy who had to speak a second time at the youth service, & we all piled into the tinnie to come home.  That was lovely. The water was a glorious cobalt blue; the tide was high.  The mangrove branches lay across the water in deep olive pools & amongst the topmost branches shags spread their wings to dry & hawks perched watching for unwary mullet.

Our cats were very gld to have everyone home safe & sound again.


Bonnie said...

Praise God! What a blessing!!! I wish we could all have heard it. Next time you must record it and put it online.

Ganeida said...

Bonnie: I never thought of that & when I mentioned it to Liddy she turned a *paler shade of white*. lol So many people are praying ~ & I have always been tetchy about getting heaps of prayer coverage for her. It's the only way I am comfortable letting her go KWIM. ☺ Everything else will work if the prayer coverage is in place. Thems my thinks. It is such a relief of what I'm pleased to call my mind to know how many people are upholding Liddy in prayer & that any time of the day or night there will be someone available in case of emergencies ~ like earthquakes.☺ My prayer is that your prayer for her will be a blessing in your life & help with your own troubles & concerns.

seekingmyLord said...

My goodness! That would have been something to see and hear. I suppose you should be glad I was not there for I would have asked their missions team some probing questions to bring them to shame, I think.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: No, I haven't understood their lack of support at all but I got some insight on Sunday. They were missionaries in Qatar ~ & in Muslim countries you aren't allowed to prostylise at all & can only stay if you are in a necessary secular job. I think they have been burned & there is some bitterness amongst more unsavoury feelings. The Pastor is supportive & is sending Lid round the home groups where people can chat more informally & ask questions. She needs 80% of her funds promised by June so there is a prayer point, seeing as I know you are praying anyway. lol Some days I get so torn ~ ☺ ~ but I know this is right & that all will be good.

Joyfulmum said...

Wow, good for Liddy! I'm still trying to catch up on your blog posts that I've missed!
Confession - I'd forgotten to pray for Liddy but now that I'm back from holidays I will get onto it!