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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pet Peeve.

We all have them ~ those things that really get under our skin & annoy the heck out of us.  Silly things.  Stupid things. Well this is mine.

I cannot abide those e~mails that regularly arrive in my box from friends or get posted on my Facebook page declaring that if I am not ashamed of Christ then I will pass this on to at least a dozen of my unfortunate friends & begging me to please not break the link ~ & I always do!  Always.  I refuse to pass this ....[insert mild oath of choice here] along.

Why?  Because 1. It is superstitious nonsense.  Honestly.  What do people think will happen if one person breaks the link?  How on earth do they get around to believing that if everyone follows the prescribed prodedure God is under any obligation at all to act as this rubbish proclaims?  It boggles my little mind.  Really it does.

2. Um, this is God we're talking about here.  You know, the guy who made the universe & invented those pretty math thingies that duplicate endlessly but which I don't understand.  God.  God, who gave us the minds we're supposed to think with.

3. And this is a biggie;  We're told not to do it.  Really we are.  We are not to dabble in magic or superstition or witchcraft & that's what this is asking us to do.  Look at it.  A+B + C = D.  That's magic not math!  Do this, this & thus & this will happen for you.  Somehow I don't think so!  It is manipulative & that is witchcraft.  I can't believe how many so called Christians are gulled by this stuff faithfully passing it round over & over when it is an offense to God.  Must be.  Violates what His word clearly tells us not to do!

4. This is just a personal narkism. Inevitably the sender links it to misplaced patriotism declaring roundly that unless we are all unashamed enough to pass on this stuff bad things will happen to our nation.  Well, bad things are gonna happen ~ but not because a chain letter didn't get passed on ~ & that's all this is.  A chain letter disguised under a *Christian* banner!  No thank you.

5.  You are all safe.  I will not be passing this most recent incursion into my e~mail box along to any of you.

6. As an aside, frankly I am tired of the sickly sweet version of Christianity. This is not the Christ I see in the gospels.  I see a man not afraid to tell it like it is, even if that lost Him followers.  I see a man not afraid to confront wrongdoing & give it it's proper name: sin.  I see a man brave enough to face the cross & all that meant.  I see a man with courage enough to confront His Father's wrath for our sake & bear the consequences!  And I am not ashamed to say I follow this man.  Not a candy god.  Not sweet enough to gag on.  But He is mine & I am His & if I am following closely enough you will know that by what I am & perhaps you will ask me about that ~ & if I'm not I am the one with the problem.  It is time for Christians to step up & realise Christ is never going to wrap them in cotton wool & demand nothing of them.  Rather he will hand them a spiritual sword & demand everything.  Time to get real,  people.  And ditch the junk mail. Please.


Joyfulmum said...

he he he:) it's my pet peeve too! never pass them on, in fact delete a lot of them after reading the first couple of lines if that:)

Ganeida said...

Oh Rosemary! Me too. I hate those things. lol

Diane Shiffer said...

Oh yes.. hallulujah girl! Preach it! Preeech!!

I especially hate the ones that end with.... 96.3% of the people who receive this email don't have the courage to repost/forward/whatever this message. What will YOU decide??? Like guilting me into posting some drivel-ous bit of inanity on my FB page is going to make some vast spiritual difference? Or sumthin? bleck.

seekingmyLord said...

"[insert mild oath of choice here]"...uh, junk, garbage, rubbish, trash...(and dare I write) crap?

I do not pass on emails like that. My mother-in-law on the other hand....I so need a smiley face that rolls its eyes here!

Ruby said...

Yep, I delete as well. Especially dislike the RC ones --- if you say so many --------(insert rote prayer) you will have such and such happen. Fortunately, I do not have many christian friends who would send them.

Julie said...

I always break the chain too, Ganeida. I enjoy receiving something from a friend who felt something was relevant enough to share with me, but the "do you have the courage to stand up for your faith" forwards and chain letters are not only annoying to many, but sort of sad to me.

I also offer an amen to your #6. How thankful I am that our God is not only full of mercy and *is* love, but He is the One of power and might and righteousness. I need all of His attributes!

One of my pet peeves happens to be improperly used apostrophes. We have a restaurant in our city that is known for being upscale, and on the window awnings outside are several words, one of which is "Martini's." Gah! That isn't the name of the place, it's what they serve, and there shouldn't be an apostrophe.

But back to the point of your post - yes, and thank you.... : )

Deborah said...

AMEN~!! We must be long lost sisters. :o)