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Monday, May 2, 2011

"Jihad will continue even if I am not around." ~Osama Bin Laden
When the twin towers came down Muslims around the world celebrated.  Now Bin Laden is dead the west is doing the same.  What is wrong with us? Is it only me who thinks this is incredibly sick?  When has hate ever healed anything?


Persuaded said...


seekingmyLord said...

I understand your thoughts and I would not say I am rejoicing because of the man's death...but because of what it symbolizes, perhaps I am. On the other hand, healing cannot take place when the knife is being twisted still in the wound, can it? I rejoice that one knife has been removed (and at such great cost) so that healing can be may not happen on all fronts, but at least there is greater opportunity for it.

The good Samaritan helped after the man was beaten and left for wonders what he would have done should he have come as it was happening. I am not so sure hate is required to stop evil acts nor that rejoicing at saving others from future acts of such men is so wrong. Does the Bible not say that God hates evil? How many wars did God give victory to the Israelites and they rejoiced?

I cannot be completely happy about it, but I also cannot be harsh against those who are.

Julie said...

I feel very much the same way seeking does above. The first thing I thought when I heard the news was that Obama had a soul, and no one should rejoice about someone who probably died without the saving knowledge of Christ. That is the worst news of all.

The second thing I thought was that the man who planned and laughed and danced over the fiery, torturous deaths of thousands of innocent people has now been stopped. Yes, there are others who will carry on OBL's schemes, but I admit that I felt a sort of gratitude at the news. I don't feel hatred - I feel a sadness for OBL and all the people who looked to him and his god.

And I feel sad that in our fallen world, there are many things our God allows that were not part of His original plan - war, sickness, terrible cruelty and evil. When evil is cut off in any way, I will be thankful, but when that evil is an actual lost human being, my thankfulness should be tempered by prayer and sobriety. I don't celebrate as others do, but I do say thank you.

If I have it all wrong, I know God can graciously sort me out. He has His work cut out with me in that department.

God bless you Ganeida!

Ganeida said...

OK, Ladies. Relief I understand. Gratitude I understand. But the scenes I saw immediately reminded me of the celebrations in Islam when the twin towers came down & in my mind that makes us no better ~ & considerably worse ~ because our press were very condemming of those scenes of rampant celebration.Yet we do exactly the same. The man is now an Islamic matyr. God help us all. I did not see Jesus celebrating Judas' death. Rather he had solemn words . OBL was an enemy who's death is unlikely to benefit us but how can people not grieve for his eternal soul? Do you think Jesus does not? We have hard hearts & that grieves me. Consequentially we have the world we deserves ~ & that grieve me even more.

Liddy said...

I don't have much to say and I do not wish to debate - funny for me. What I will share is a friends statement on the death of Osama. It is powerful!

'With Osama's death announced the same date as Hitler's and Easter just passing, I implore Christians to choose which Death defines their life. When we triumph should it not be in the Resurrection? It isn't in the death of the wicked, for God himself does not rejoice over their demise (Ez.18:23). Instead, we triumph in the completed work of the Cross. Jesus has overcome, in that we rejoice and in that we are defined.'

Ruby said...

We've been discussing this as well. It has heartened me to read and hear other christians voicing their objections to the "festive" atmosphere.

Jo said...

I agree with you - and even though he might be dead the organisation is not and they are still as dangerous as they were before.