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Thursday, January 27, 2011

We're all mad here.  I'm mad.  You're mad ~ the Cheshire Cat.

Kirby is my hard lovin' man, which is odd because he takes himself outside first thing in the morning & we hardly see him all day.  Oh, if someone actually goes outside & is pottering around he usually shows up to hang with them but he doesn't feel the need to be constantly drapped around someone's feet the way Marlow does.  The way that cat does get stepped on, run over [by chairs] bumped & knocked & however much we try to remember how much he shadows us it still happens.

Not Kirby.  Nope.  Kirby is up & at it at first light while Marlow is still snoring round someone's feet.  He knows as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning & I hear him begin to call for me.  Usually he is waiting for me 1/2 way down the hall & races me into the kitchen ~ but though he is always hungry it is not food he wants; it is cuddles.

Now Kirby has very decided ideas on loving ~ & he is very hard to deter.  Nose touches.  A good sniff to make sure I haven't with~held choice tit~bits he hasn't got to share. Chin rubs.  Then topped up for the day & having done his duty in greeting his alpha female properly he's at his food bowl & out the door.  Most mornings.  Occasionally he feels the need to hang round a little longer & leaps from piece of furniture to piece of furniture as I move, just keeping me under surveillance.  I think he's mad but harmless.

Or I used to. Until the other morning.  There I was, sleepily stirring my first cup of coffee for the morning listening to the computer boot up when I heard Kirby begin his circuit: floor to desk, desk to microwave, microwave to bench top on his way to the box freezer top!  Only he didn't.  He got to the bench & suddenly launched himself at my chest with such force he nearly knocked me over.  His long front legs went round my neck & he pushed his face eagerly into mine & along my jaw with his enormous rumbling purr.  Um, yeah.  Love you too Kirby. ♥ Good grief! The cat's as mad as a hatter!


Unknown said...

What a funny little kitty that Kirby is! My neighbor has a little cat she calls Shen, and he is so cuddly! I was over visiting while the children played and Mr. Shen hopped up on the back of the sofa and promptly preceded to purr at the back of my head. I reached back to pet him and he curled around my neck. It seems everyone gets the cuddle kitties but me :( Mine don't like me, they prefer the children who play rough with them.

Ganeida said...

Birbitt: he is such a scream. ☺ I always seem to get cats with more than their share of personality ~ & Kirby has personality plus.

seekingmyLord said...

Attack lovin'--this is a typical scene with my Jamie. There is no set pattern, he likes to keep me guessing so I have no defense.