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Friday, January 14, 2011

20 million dollars worth of plastic surgery. And that's the face you choose. Angelina Jolie as Elise.

The blue barina is sad. :(  I have had to put her in the garage because her little insides is all upset & she wouldn't even start for me when Star & I went over today.  I flooded the engine twice in my efforts to get a little life out of her before ringing for a tow.  In the end I did get a spluttering start, cancelled my tow & cautiously made tracks for the garage.  Think Lid hit a puddle  a little too fast & found that was a little too deep; water in places that give cars upset tum~tums.  Anyway the nice men in blue overalls are going to look under the bonnet & tell me what they think ~ eventually.

So seeing we had errands to run that we absolutely hate [like buying the meat we don't eat] we treated ourselves to the movies.  We wanted to see Narnia ~ already departed from our local ~ so settled for The Tourist because it is full of male actors we actually like: Jonny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell. Bettany can get more snarkiness in an innocent one liner than just about anybody else & Star & I were beside ourselves ~ to other patrons bemusement ~ but the girls subjected me to A Knight's Tale many moons ago [which teemed Bettany & Sewell] & the potshot references to that particular movie had us howling.  All my girls know of Chaucer they learnt from A Knight's Tale  because I howled my way through it & they would keep asking me what I found so terribly funny.

As an actor I prefer Bettany to Depp [English accents can only be topped by Irish ones ~ think Liam Neeson!] & I generally dislike Jolie but both Star & I enjoyed this movie.  The end, unfortunately, was highly predictable & lacked the punch it should have had but it was good fun & surprisingly clean; always so nice not to have to self~edit.  It was just plain classy.  Little bit of bad language but no nudity & only a little bit of *spit~swapping* as my children so charmingly refer to it.

 However as a movie it doesn't really work on a number of levels.  Jolie & Depp don't really light any furnaces ~ & that should have been one of the driving forces of this movie & distrated from the all too obvious outcome.  Then there was a terrible lack of suspense for something that is, at least in some ways, meant to be a thriller.  No thrills. Overall the supporting cast was better than the mains ~ something a director should never, ever allow to happen.  Just the same we enjoyed it ~ & as Star & I rarely agree that alone was a novelty.

Got home to find Marlow had lost the plot entirely.  How that cat does hate for his people to be gone for any length of time!  Fed the boys meat scraps to mollify their hurt feelings


Finding Joy said...

All the reviews I have read about this movie match what you have said, in particular "no chemistry" between Depp (who is very cute) and Jolie (who I don't mind)-my son enjoyed the movie, but he is 18!!

Julie said...

We saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and loved it, Ganeida. I cried and cried when Reepicheep sailed off to Aslan's land. Amazing special effects!

We also saw The Tourist and thought the scenery was nice, but I hated the ending. I was stunned (didn't see it coming like you did!) and thought, "THIS is what they want us to believe?" Oh well.

We take our Fosters our once a week to dinner and a movie and are always trying to find something decent to see. Sometimes there's nothing decent, so it's just dinner.

Are things drying out yet? God bless your weekend.....

Ganeida said...

Jo:I hadn't read any of the reviews. We like Bettany & Depp so chose it on those grounds. The plot was silly, the romance unbelievable, the suspence non~existant but for all its faults it was still enjoyable ~ which is more than I can say for some of the doozies the girls have subjected me to over the years. lol

Julie: lol watch enough English murder/mystery tv & you can write the plot! We are still hoping to see Dawn Treader. The ship was built & parts of the movie were shot here so we are very keen but of course, when it was released, Star was in the middle of the Gothic & nothing else stood a chance. However I need my car back to make it happen. Things were drying out nicely but ~ it is raining again this morning & there is a cyclone forming up north. We ain't done yet. ☺

Sandra said...

I watch what is happening in Queensland and think of you. I know you say you are safe, but I still wonder. So hearing you speak of a movie makes me exhale. I'm glad to hear you got to have a good laugh in the midst of so much chaos. It is good for wellbeing.

Ganeida said...

Sandra: there are many benefits to island living ~ not being submerged is one of them just now. ☺ It is only Brisbane proper that is in trouble but the silly place is built on the river flats. What do they expect?