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Friday, January 7, 2011

Strange goings on.

The old brain is nearly as soggy as the ground outside so here is an old post ~ from the blog I crashed but which occasionally lets me in to paddle.  Here's to the cat I loved & lost!  Happy hunting, Iss!

Cat Law: Always give generously. A small bird or rodent left on the bed tells them, I care.

My cat is strange...but nowhere near as strange as Dearest.

Yesterday Dearest emptied the mouse traps. A normal man would have simply put the body in the trash. Not Dearest. Dearest took the mouse, trap & all, & waved it under Issi's nose. He then wondered why he got one of those 'if looks could kill' looks.

Iss is your typical male. Nothing gets his goat so much as to be made to look incompetant. So last night he caught a mouse. Nothing so unusual about that. Under normal circumstances he would bat it about a bit, eat 1/2 & leave the rest for some unsuspecting person to step on. We do not go barefoot around here in mouse season. But Dearest had thrown down the gauntlet. Iss had a point to prove. He raced over to Dearest with his prize, shook it wildly under Dearest nose (thinking I am quite sure, 'Now let's see you do this!') & proceeded to perform gymnastics with the poor thing. He was so busy showing off he let his prize escape & slunk away, his tail down, avoiding all eye contact with Dearest.

Unkindly we all laughed. Iss is a scream. This morning I woke to a banging noise & thinking the traps had been unkind I quickly went to look. Nope...but I had one crazed cat wildly batting round a mouse in a trap. Guess if you can't beat them the only thing left to do is join them...but if that cat thinks I think he caught that mouse in the trap all by his own little self he's completely delusional!


seekingmyLord said...

This reminds me that Muffin got a mouse just a couple of weeks ago...but it ran into him before he would pay attention to it, as pathetic as that sounds. One other time, a mouse ran right at him and practically straight into his mouth before he moved the entire inch between them to get it. My cat will do the craziest, most amazing in air stunts while chasing after any bug and has a particular affinity for flies, but mice...? Not his strongest talent. Perhaps he finds them not challenging enough? He does seem to like having an added degree of difficulty before he makes an effort, but then he is my cat so what else could I expect.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: Kirby hunts [Marlow doesn't do much of anything except beg to be loved lol] but no~one does it like Iss! ☺ He had such a big personality & I miss him.

Books For Breakfast said...

I'm glad to have finally stumbled across your blog. I've been reading your comments on Jeanne's blog for awhile, wondering about your strange, beautiful name. Greetings.

Joyfulmum said...

your Iss is a character!