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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I don't know what the world's coming to," he went on, "People getting more worldly every day." Jess Birdwell ~ Except for Me & Thee.

The first time I read Jessamyn West's Except for Me & Thee, I read it greedily in a rush, as a starving woman.  It had to be returned to the library because a friend wanted to read it before the inter~library archives claimed it back.  I was bitterly disappointed.  I had known & loved The Friendly Persuasion so long I compared it unfavourably & found it wanting.

My children learnt early to head me off at the pass when it comes to bookshops.  I would rather read than eat & they know it.  For some strange reason they would rather eat than read.  Over the years bookshops became a thing of the past.  I couldn't afford the prices & besides one of the quirkier things about our little island is that it has always had an excellent library with a wonderful librarian who has always managed to get me whatever I wanted no matter how obscure it was ~ & believe me some of it has been very obscure!  So I stopped buying books.

We have had a computer for a while now & it has gradually dawned on me that there, at my fingertips, was the library wealth of the world, much of it affordable & so I have begun dabbling in the wonderful world of pre~loved books.  This time I can savour Except for Me & Thee for the rare & delightful treasure it is.

West has a rare knack for character & a sly humour.  I rarely laugh out loud but I snigger a lot.

If he had to be married to some~one, & it looked like he had to, proposing at the rate he was, he preferred Emily to Georgia.  But he didn't want Emily either.  She had less rise to her than a buckwheat cake.  After an evening with Emily he began to appreciate the merits of disorder & hard liquor.

He couldn't remember sleeping a wink that week.  The cornhusks in his mattress rustled all night long as he tossed & turned trying to figure out how in 3 short days a man could take such complete leave of his senses.

I might be gone a while.


Anonymous said...


Mrs. Bee said...

I love the library. I get online with ours, search to see if they can get the book I want and they email me when it comes in...awesome.
I'm with you and bookstores...I love to look at old ones. A thrift store in my town offers the first five books free...I have gotten some wonderful books there!
I will see if they have either one of these, thank you for the recommendation.

Ganeida said...

Anon: Siano, presume that's you sniggering.

Hi Mrs Bee. Welcome. Hope you enjoy these.

Siano said...

I confess.