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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 No fear! No retreat! ~Reepicheep.

This was the Narnia movie we most wanted to see.  It was shot in Queensland just up the bay from us & at Star's insistence we watched the construction of the Dawn Treader & some of the shooting.

That's as close as we got, folks ~ much to Star's chagrin.

It is, perhaps, my favourite of the Narnia books along with The Last Battle.  Always a little dicey when someone decides to meddle with a favourite book & a character like Eustace Scrubb ~ who almost deserved it!  It came out here just before the Christmas holidays began but of course December was a mad, mad month for us so I put off going to see it thinking, why wouldn't I?, that it would be around for most of the holidays but of course, when I finally got around to it, it had outworn its welcome & was no longer available at either of the local cinemas. Hmph!

Anyway the garage finally rang to say they'd fixed the car [spark plugs, leads, rotor thingy, carburetter ~ no idea about any of it but a good thing they looked under the hood by the sound of things.]  Now if I absolutely have to go to the mainland I may as well make it worthwhile so I trolled through the cinema listings & found an accessible one still showing Dawn Treader ~ one session only & it was early.  Star so loves it when I do this to her!  And Liddy; Liddy who arrived home from Melbourne the night before & is still over~tired, under~hydrated & grouchy but who wanted to come.

Yes ladies, we enjoyed it very much.  Will Poulter as Eustace was a brilliant choice.  He was beautifully obnoxious & very believable.  Which reminds me that one of the reasons I like this book so much is that the 3 remaining characters are the strongest.  Susan was always rather insipid, Peter stereotypical but Edmund has depth & Lucy is nicely 3~D.

Great special effects.  It does also remain a children's movie.  The potential for exploring darker themes [to overcome the mist each individual must overcome the darkness within] is there but never really gets explored in the way the Harry Potter movies gradually became darker as time went on.  From an adult viewpoint this is, perhaps, unfortunate; the movie lacks quite a bit of depth because of it.  However I don't think a children's movie needs to go all Conradish & explore the depths of the Heart of Darkness. Probably not a good idea at all.

Star would like to star in one of these but somehow I think her chances are slim.  They really have done a great job with these books & Liam Neeson as Aslan's voice is to die for.  Yes? *swoon*  Oh, & the car is running beautifully.


Ruby said...

Didn't take you for a swooner, Ganeida!

Ganeida said...

It's the Irish accents. Makes me go all weak at the knees. lol

Finding Joy said...

I prefer the Scottish accent to the Irish - probably due to my Scottish roots so when I watch Dougray Scott in "The Day of the Triffids" I go weak at the knees.

I didn't know that Aslan was Irish!! When I was young I loved the character Aslan and my older brother loved reepicheep!

Julie said...

This was my favorite book in the Chronicles too, Ganeida. Followed by LWW and The Magician's Nephew. I thought the casting (especially Eustace, as you said) was brilliant. Did you miss that in the movie Aslan doesn't painfully but mercifully tear the dragon skin from Eustace? That part of the book has always made me weep because I'm so Eustacey myself. I would have loved for the amazing special effects to include the literal ripping/delivering Eustace from his dragonish nature. How awesome to see the ship being built! I'm envious. So glad your car is good now. Blessings on you this week.

seekingmyLord said...

I would love to have done some of the artwork on that ship personally. Wow!

Ganeida said...

Jo: Well my pop was Scots so unfortunately I tend to go weak at the knees for a good Scots accent too ~ somewhere north of Glasgow. The Glaswegian accent is pretty awful. lol I too loved Aslan [really? He's Irish? ;P] but wanted to drown Reepicheep. Most annoying mouse ever & I rather enjoyed Eustace refering to him as an overgrown rat.

Julie: I did notice :( but I don't get too caught up on the detail. As I recall from the book it was still painfull. I figure some things the movie magicians still can't transfer to celluloid so I will accept an alternative ~ but you are right; it loses something.

I think I'm more an Edmund type myself, rather nasty if you scratch the veneer & prone to making hasty choices that can be repented at leisure!

Seeking:And an awesome job you would have done I'm sure.