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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pause for a little madness...

History teaches everything including the future. ~Lamartine

With an area  of Queensland the size of Germany & France combined now under water you could say we've had a big wet.  Prayers for Ruby who is in one of the affected areas.  Meanwhile the rest of us are grabbing what little sun comes our way to whisk washing out to dry.  With all our visitors there is a backpile of big things like sheets & doonas & towels ~ plus the regular need for clean undies & work socks.  It has been so dank & overcast that even if it is not actually raining at any given moment nothing is drying either!  Yesterday & today, which was both sunny & breezy, was an absolute blessing.  There is more rain on the way.  Goodness knows where it is all going to go. Straight through the townships that have already been inundated once already probably.

Now the millstone otherwise known as The Gothic is from around my neck I have been forced to give some consideration to Star's curriculum for the coming year.  When you do not have an academic child yet your umbrella school insists on a modicum of academics that takes some doing. *sigh* I see battles looming ahead.  Math.  That's the school's problem & as neither Star nor I want to know about it, & could care less, I guess we carry on where we left off, at a snail's pace.  Life of Christ because Groves likes a religious subject.  Not sure about this one.  The good news is it's based on John's gospel; Star & I like John.  The bad news ~ we tend to not do so well with these sort of bible studies.  I tend to find them shallow & predictable & if I can't get enthused it is extremely unlikely Star will.  Hoping for the best. 

Then, because Star is nothing if not predictably unpredictable & having done 4 years of basic German already, Star has decided she wants to resume her German.  Okaaay.  Last time we employed the services of a tutor who was fluent & Star did very well.  This time I need a curriculum.  I know lots of people swear by Rosetta Stone but apart from the expense, I was less than impressed with the format.  I both wanted & needed some written work.  If we had chosen Spanish, French, or Greek I could have had my pick from curriculum's I know & like: CLE, Abeka, etc but German?  No~one wants to do German.  So this is what we have.  I ordered today & goodness knows what I have acquired!  If it is truly awful I won't be getting any more ~ which will leave us in a bind for a subject. Oh ~ in case you're wondering, the German is for music, which is why I wanted something that was written as well as spoken.

Then, because Star seriously needs this, Essential Music Theory ~ Grade 1 almost done & grade 2 ready to go.  These first 3 she should blitz rather quickly because none of it is really new work, merely consolidating.  After that ~ a silver bullet & a stake through her heart?

Home Ec from CLE~ the last units are on housekeeping, child care & Godly womanhood.  We should finish this a little ahead of time but that's ok.  Hope the school feels the same about it.

 History.  Last year I didn't use curriculum.  Instead each term Star did one major research paper on a chosen subject ~ usually a little left of centre like this.  I am considering what we might like to study in depth.  Something from each of the 4 main continents might be nice.  Actually that could be very nice.  Thinking the migration of the Lapp across Siberia into Alaska...  You get the sort of idea.  If everybody else knows about it it's not worth knowing.  Yeah, I know; we're a little odd.

Which leaves English.  English is my strong area but choosing even one book Star will like is almost impossible.  Of the 4 we studied for English last year the only one Star really appreciated was Tomorrow, when the War Began ~ & then only until she realised I was turning it into school work!  I am thinking Tolkien ~ whom I'm not real keen on but whom Star may like ~ or not. I think I am out of ideas.  Perhaps The Taming of the Shrew ~ which may just appeal to her contrary nature; that or she'll think I'm taking pot~shots at her given her actual name.

It was so much easier when she was 5 & all I had to do was actually teach her to read & count!  Now she can read & count & argue like a lawyer!


Ruby said...

Thanks for thinking of us up here. {Gurgle, gurgle!}
So nice to read of your plans for the academic year. You have recovered quickly, my dear!

Jeanne said...

It's fun reading what your plans are for the new academic year. Sounds exciting! do hope the rain stops soon - for you and Ruby.

seekingmyLord said...

I think that simplicity while homeschooling is an worthwhile, but largely unattainable, ideology. ;)

I looked into Learnables and was not that impressed personally, but I already had Power-Glide by then. I do hope it works out for Star.

This reminds me that I have something I have been holding on to that is along these lines. I will have to post it tomorrow...just for you.

Ruby, I pray that the Lord will protect your family and property.

Ganeida said...

Ruby: I'm not sure about the recovery but doing some ordering was certainly necessary.

Jeanne: I truely wish I was schooling a smaller Star. She wants to be done & I'd like to let her be done. The Amish were smart curtailing formal education at Grade 8. Teens need to work ~ & they want to work. When they go back they are far more motivated & with a far better idea of what they actually want to do. *sigh* A little maturity would go a long way but it is an area Star's brains just go into meltdown. I swear, the others I homeschooled were not half this trouble!

Seeking: That is an interesting point. Accumulation is certainly the name of the game. Now I'm all excited. I do love a parcel in the mail! ☺

Sandra said...

I'm sorry about all of the water. Whether it is frozen or liquid, it creates havoc. Liquid can create a horrible mess.

Good luck with the school year. It seems a formidable task!

loving, laughing and learning said...

wow you sound like you have this year sorted. I don't feel nearly so organised. Wish i could bottle up some of my 5 year old's motivation for schoolwork and send it to star, my little one doesn't know how to stop. However on the arguing side she already has a theory or opinion on most topics even if she doeesn't understand the conversation lol.

Ganeida said...

Sandra: at least we are high. Our farming communitys are low & have turned into an inland sea. What else do you call an area the size of 2 countries!?

LLL: Enjoy the enthusiasim while you have it! I would offer to swap but as I have said to numerous teachers over the years, "You should be down on your knees thanking me I did not send this one your way!" Love her to bits but there is a reason she has not been let loose on the unsuspecting world!

Finding Joy said...

I sympathize with Star, I loved to read at school until it became part of English - I read for pleasure not analysis it to bits!! Has she read "To Kill a Mockingbird" I loved that book when I read it.

My son is reading "When the War Began" for pleasure and enjoying it - however he is such a slow reader it will take years for him to get through the series.

Enjoy that sunshine and thinking of those in the flood affected areas.

Pen Wilcock said...

Thinking of you and your neighbours in all this rain :0(
God bless your new year of homeschooling x

Bonnie said...

I love reading your plan for school. It motivates me and makes me want to start now--poor Olivia is only 3. Would Star like the Perelandra trilogy from C.S. Lewis. It's quite different to his other work. I did a whole college course on the theology found within, etc. Just a thought. For me it would be a slight improvement on Tolkien.

Jeanne said...

Hang in kiddo - you're doing great! Hugs from me.

Joyfulmum said...

Very interesting reading of your homeschool plans from someone who is way behind - having just started out:)
We have been praying for Qld and the flood affected areas....

Ganeida said...

Jo: We did to kill a Mockingbird last year & she hated it. Yep. No taste whatsoever! lol

Ember: I'm not sure we need more water. lol All prayers & good wishes gratefully recieved as regards my Star & her schooling. ☺

Bonnie: What a good idea. I really liked Perelandra ~ especially the lkast book!

Jeanne: You know, I love homeschooling ~ I'm just not sure I like homeschooling this child! lol Thanks for the hugs.

Rosemary: Ah, you have the fun end of the stick. This end every one is getting fraught about her *future* ~ everyone bar Star who has the utmost faith in herself!