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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nine out of 10 Quakers can still find consensus that there’s nothing better than a group of Friends gathered together and breaking spontaneously into silence. Just don’t try taking this door-to-door like caroling. ~ Rob Pierson

There is a tendencey amongst those of us who are conflicted about Christmas to take ourselves over seriously so I was delighted when Pen passed this one on via Facebook.  Don't you just love the internet!  The top 10 ways Quakers, who did not celebrate Christmas [or Easter, just as they don't do a lot of the things today's church still does], got to celebrate this particular day.

You can read the whole article here.  It explains why the rest happened. So here goes!

1. Slaughter hogs.  Yep.  Dis~gusting!

2. Sell things.

3. Repair windows.

4. Accumulate debt.

5. Employ seasonal workers

6. Get arrested

7. Avoid frolic

8.Go Green.

9. Sit & Wait.

10. Celebrate Christ.

I particularly like 9 & 10. Rob Pierson is the author of this rather timely piece.  It is still what happens when Christians, for whatever reasons, go against the flow.  Plenty to think about.  Why do we so persecute each other?


Jeanne said...

Fantastic! Still chuckling quietly (without excessive good cheer).

Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Hehee, I'm not a Quaker (although I respect, admire, agree with and like much of the 'philosophy' [?]) and we don't 'do' Christmas either... so I was laughing out loud at these suggestions.

Some we have done on Christmas Day... others not yet ;)

Ganeida said...

Jeanne: you might like my tuesday trivia this week too. lol I remember you like this period of history.

Susan:*Snigger* I am too fivilous to be a good quaker but yes, there is much I like & admire ~ & aspire to!

Ruby said...

haha...who said those Quakers had no sense of humour??!!
The 25th this year conveniently falls on the Lord's Day so we will not have to rack our brains over what to do :-)

Finding Joy said...

We don't do most of Christmas, but we do enjoy family time, a quiet day and a nice meal together plus gift giving ( I like any opportunity to give a gift to my children!).