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Sunday, December 11, 2011

News from Chile.

By now those of you who subscribe to Liddy's newsletter should have received the latest update.  Due to the formatting the letter arrives in I have a lot of trouble downloading snippets onto the Chile page attached to this blog.  This month's newsletter is longer than usual so I have decided to forgo struggling with the formatting had another go &  I put up the pertinent praise & prayer points here & there.  If you would like the newsletter for more in depth information please contact us on ~ which is the e~mail attached to this blog~ & I will forward the newsletter on.  Please indicate if you would like to continue recieving updates as I will add you to the mailing list.

There is much to be grateful for but as you can imagine this is a difficult time for a young & relatively inexperienced team.  Skype is dodgey at best so we are immensly grateful that Liddy was able to catch up while her brother was home & we had a really good session.

Praise points.
• The books. They have been very revealing, challenging and helpful to my walk with God and what it means to bare fruit for his kingdom.

• The Spanish progress

• The relationships that are build ing outside of OM

• That I've found a church to attend and am very happy with it

• The calm inside the Intensive Training program at this time. We should be hitting a low, which hasn't happened... yet

• The continued financial support


• The children's ministry. I haven't been able to settle properly. Jona, the team leader, was away for some time and is now no longer a part of the ministry. Please pray for the children as they adjust but also the team for the boys of El Arca.

• The 3 month period. This is the time that we will all, supposedly, enter into the phase of culture shock.

• My relationship with Intensive Training Leaders, Tineke and Whitney but also Kellie, another I.T participant.

• Spiritual Warfare, the team is cur-rently experiencing many different things.

• For the arrival of a new team member, Bec. For her settle-ment but also for us as we adjust to another person being in the house, making it 9 in total.

Once again, a huge thank you to all those of you who support us one way or another.  You may never know how much this means to us or what a difference it has made but we are eternally grateful!  May God bless you & all those you dwell under your covering. *Ganeida*.


Happy Elf Mom said...

Oh, the praise points are just amazing! Praying for Liddy and you must be so proud! :)

joyfulmum said...

Coming to this late as is my tendency these days:)
Will remember to pray for Liddy....