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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Checking the Pots: a pictorial review for Liddy.

Huge tides just now.  Still flooding so it probably came up over the lip of the pool.

 Though the regulars still prefer jumping off the jetty roof. Shark bait.

Star looking cool & professional ~ until she actually has to do something. lol Her mother's daughter!
Absolutely beautiful.  A bit rough in the open water.  All my pics from there blurred but warm enough I didn't need a jacket even though I got pretty wet.

 Mending the pots.  Between the sharks & our usual friend there were quite a few holes.
 Baiting up.  Been a few days since some of these were done so pretty stinky.
 Star in her usual perch.  She rides like Jacky up there.  Dino was complaing about the amount of weight in the boat.  Silly him for inviting us all!
 In & out of the mangroves.  Spotted the wake & splash of a small shark.  Had a Sea Eagle riding the thermals overhead.
 Put the pots in close along the passage.  Pretty choppy.

Recognize this?

Exciting times trying to untangle this chappie.

Plenty of boaties around.  Can't think they had a comfortable berth at all but at least the sun is now out.  He didn't get a lot.  Lots of small ones but he'll go out again later.

Enjoy your trip up north.  Have a nice break & get plenty of rest before you're back into everything.

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seekingmyLord said...

Such great pictures! Thank you for these windows into your life.