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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Seven Sons.

"Mother's of Boys work from Son up to Son down." ~ Anon

Church made an indelible impression on me this morning.  The preacher shared from his own life experience.  Every Sunday his parents took him to church.  They sat in the front pew: Mum, Dad ~ & their seven sons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seven.  Sons.  If you have sons you know why my mind is boggling slightly.  Can you imagine?

I have no idea what else he preached on.  I'm still dealing with seven. sons!!!!!!  Oh. My.  Seven.  Sons....


Finding Joy said...

My mum always wanted six sons. She ended up having three, but she now has six grandsons. I assume there wasn't any sisters? If there had been one, just imagine how spoilt she would have been!!

Ruby said...

I admire that woman already!
We in fact have friends with eight sons, who also have six girls! I know, I know, the head reals to think of it. Now with five grandsons I wonder what the next few years will be like at family gathering? One sweet little grand daughter who already roars as she plays with cars!

MamaOlive said...

Love the quote. The front row is actually the best place for little ones. They have fewer distractions, and a little bit of pressure to behave. Seriously, the grownups in our church are much worse than the children.

seekingmyLord said...

LOL!!!! Thanks for the laugh...even though it hurts to laugh right now.