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Sunday, February 12, 2012

"After scolding one's cat one looks into its face and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word. And has filed it for reference."~ Charlotte Gray

The boys are missing me.  I arrive home & the heads pop up like Nessie's, their small bodies quivering with anticipation;  Will she notice me?  Will she come & say hello & chuck me under the chin?  Will there be biscuits in my bowl & will she check to see we have water?

Then the purring begins: deep, volcanic rumblings that shake the chairs & shiver the timbers.  Marlow flips onto his back, spreading himself like a squirmy  hairy rug & when I move he comes too, dogging my footsteps, more canine than cat, happiness oozing from every pore. 

Kiby is not so outwardly needy.  He is often outside & outside he stays, his head raised in anticipation, his ears pricked, but having received his Hello, Puss, he calmly resumes his catty business~ but do not be fooled!  Marlow is a little dense.  He is as easy to read as a child's primer ~ & as straightforward.  Kirby is smart.  And complicated.  Kirby takes nothing for granted so it is Kirby I often have to look for at night, never far away but not in plain view because, You have been gone all day! his accusing stare says.  Do you still love me?  Will you come & find me?  Will you cuddle me to bed as usual?  It is Kirby who needs more reassurance because he has spent all day thinking dire thoughts.  I have to love on him hard as he crawls all over me, desperate to claim me as his own personal property.  Dearest swears he has become a cat psychiatrist from years of observing psychotic cat behaviour.

God was very wise when He gave us animals.  They teach us about unconditional love.  They give us an insight into the wildness tamed.  We love the tiger better for knowing a cat.  No matter how difficult my day has been there is something very soothing about coming home to be cuddled by a cat.  There are a lot of things that need to be done but in the light of eternity very little else matters besides the giving & receiving of love.  My cats make sure I don't forget it!


Ruby said...

Such devotion!

Joyfulmum said...

:) Even our humble guinea pigs have taught me a thing or two:)

Finding Joy said...

And even after a bad day, I can always manage to smile, hug and laugh with my cat, she lifts my spirit without even trying. They are wonderful creatures, who keep on giving.

Julie said...

I completely agree. We are absolutely certain that Edith and Mildred are saying many things to us each day. And the way we imitate them is by clenching our teeth, drawing out our lips horizontally in an exaggerated, grimaced expression, and with slightly deep voices coming from as far back in the throat as we can, we are sure the schnauzers say, "Do you love me? I love you so much. I live for you. Will you look deep into my eyes? Please pet the little roll of fat above my tail!" and so on. It's actually quite pathetic, now that I'm picturing it. Our family gets it though. You might too, Ganeida.... :)

seekingmyLord said...

Then there is the Muffin, the cat you hate to love or love to hate. I have been around many cats in my lifetime and he is something quite different. A genetic misfire that is all beauty on the outside, but the inside is all beast. Sometimes I think the only reason I have kept him all these years is because he outlived two dogs and another cat (a sweet grateful cat, mind you) AND because I would not wish him on anyone else, even in his mellowing years!

Hey, don't take my word for it. I have to find a new pet sitter after just one sitting with him. They just never come back! (Okay, to be absolutely of them quit the business sometime after sitting him and I don't know for sure my cat had anything to do with it, but I have my suspicions.)