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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peter was a fisherman.  Jesus made him a fisher of men.  I have always had a soft spot for Peter.  He suffered from foot in mouth & I so know that feeling.  I own fishermen.  Nothing stinks quite like a man who has spent a day on the water casting his line after the fishy things that live beneath the deep blue surface.  Fisherman are strong.  At their core they hunger for the peace that comes from long stretches of time spent waiting for the gentle tug on the line that says the bait is doing what it was meant to do ~ attract fish.

I find it fascinating that when Jesus went looking for disciples he didn't troll the schools after the educated ~ & a well educated Jewish man is educated indeed!  Nope he dangled bait before fishermen.

  There are certain things I know about fishing from living with fishermen.  I know that sometimes you are going to catch nothing, no matter how well baited your line is.  I know that certain bait attracts certain fish but that just putting any old bait out is not going to attract everything in the water.  I know that bait is going to attract the odd shark or two.  I know that patience is a virtue.  I know that sometimes you can do everything wrong yet still catch fish.  Sometime I will tell you about the fish I caught when I wasn't there & didn't have a line in the water!!

I am not a fisherman ~or woman.  I never see why some poor little thing that never did me any harm should give up it's life so I could eat & those restaurants where your meal is left swimming around in a tank until it's wanted plain do my head in.  That is just plain disgusting!  What sort of sadist does that?

Needless to say I am not much good at fishing after men either.  I don't have the right mindset.  That my children operate so differently & have no qualms about bailing people up & presenting the gospel is an absolute marvel.  So I have been very interested in how Dino is doing with his course.  I am hanging round on the fringes as Dino is yet to go for his licence & was allowed to sit in on his first day's classes because people still want to know why I'm not doing this course.  I have a pretty good idea why not.  It is very practical [& we all know I'm not]  It is geared to get people into a  practical ministry of *Helps* ~ so not my area.  I do have a ministry of sorts, working strongly in my gift area & I'm not real keen on being dug out to operate outside my comfort zone ~ certainly not just now with Star also on the mainland 3 days a week for music: a private lesson & now a 2nd choir.  There are issues with this now too & I am spending whole days just waiting around & leaving Star alone with her work.  She is not a happy bunny.

So far I have been really happy with the way Rhema is presenting things.  It is very clear, very balanced.  Dino is able to explain what he's learning concisely so they are doing a good job of their training.  It is also very disciplined.  They have a dress code!!!!  They have a lock~out; echos of Star's performance schedule.  They have everyone involved in small helps to run the classes ~ & this 10 month course is, apparently, equal to sitting in church every Sunday for 13 years!!!!

Meanwhile Star is gearing up for auditions with The Kings Singers.  Not sure what is going on there yet but no doubt time will clarify things.  All I know is that I live on the wrong side of the water just now & I am sooo over the mainland!


Ruby said...

I'm sure the days are coming when you and your husband will be able to enjoy a hermit type life on the island. Your children are very talented and involved in interesting stuff. Hang in there!

Bonnie said...


joyfulmum said...

Interesting and good points on fishing (from someone who knows nothing about it):)
Rhema sounds good!