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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Pink Dog.

One of the makeup artists once dyed my dog blue with vegetable blue.  ~Mia Kirshner

All is not well with my soul.   *sigh*  My instinct is to go to ground & wait for *This too, to pass*.  Unfriendly & unsociable of me & probably unhelpful to the state of my soul so I am going to share with you one of the weirder things that has come my way recently.

The photo is not the dog in question; the photo is c/~ of Photobucket who are so accommodating about providing pictures of really weird things. 

Star & I are not much of ones for exercise, which serves no purpose.  For the life of me I cannot figure out why anyone would pay to be tortured in a gym ~ but people do.  Some strange souls even seem to enjoy it.  Star & I are not of their company.  However we do enjoy a leisurely walk in the cool of the evening.  This in no way can be construed as *exercise*.  We dally.  We meander.  We most certainly do not get our heart rates up.  It is an excuse for Star to drap herself all over me because, "Don't touch me!  I don't like being touched!"  Except on her own terms, of course.  It is an opportunity for me to peer into other people's gardens & perhaps surreptitiously nip a stray tendril overhanging the footpath, gather the prettiest feathers, & gaze in wonder as the first stars appear hazily through the dusk.  I embarrass Star.  Don't Stare, she hisses.

Sometimes staring is the only possible response.

So we were leisurely walking home through the gathering dusk, urged on by my Star who objects when the mozzies arrive in black droves to being vampired, when we came to the house on the last corner.  The house has a big picture window out the front & new tenants & would not normally attract my attention.  The yard is bare & dull, the house a butter box of the less interesting kind & there is no garden; not even a cat  basking in the fading sunlight.

Glancing incuriously towards the house my gaze was suddenly arrested.  The pale curtains were pulled back & fastened by big hot pink bows [that alone was enough to make my jaw drop] but dead centre of the window was a tiny white mop of a dog with hot pink ears & a hot pink tail!  I gawped.  [Isn't gawped a lovely word?!] I couldn't believe that anyone could do that to an animal!  Star had to drag me away.  I just couldn't believe my eyes.

So there you have it; the latest craze ~ lap dogs dyed to match your decor.  Last thing I ever expected to see on the island!


joyfulmum said...

That is definitely weird and cruel! What is becoming of your island? I havent seen that even in Sydney but then again I must admit we live quite sheltered lives.

Sandra said...

I wouldn't call it cruel, I'm sure it is food coloring. When I was a child, we had toy poodles that we would color green on St. Patrick's Day. It gave me fits of giggles. The dogs did not care.

Something else is making you want to withdraw, surely. I don't believe a pink and white dog has done that. Although I despise the color pink, so that might do it. : )

Bonnie said...

As the owner of a cute little white lap dog (long haired chihuahua) I have to admit that I would consider dying her fluffy ears pink (my fav colour). However, I'd be afraid the cats (both boys, of which she thinks she is one, a cat not a boy) would undoubtedly laugh at her and I couldn't do that to her. Sorry you are having a rough patch. Me too. Hugs!

Ruby said...

Or perhaps it was stuffed and just sitting in the window to give the islanders something to talk about the new people in that house!
Hope your drothers are over soon. ♥

Joluise said...

I love the story's you tell, this one is great! Never thought of dying a dog, but I've never had one to do it to:)

Jeanne said...

Still spluttering...

Happy Elf Mom said...

That's HILARIOUS!! The poor dog, tho... lol

seekingmyLord said...

That is just too sweet! What an opportunity for offering fresh baked cookies to welcome them to the neighborhood--pink and white ones, of course!

Okay, here's the REAL me: I so wonder about other people's priorities...scary and sad, really.