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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Second one down...

“I have come to know a God who has a soft spot for rebels, who recruits people like the adulterer David, the whiner Jeremiah, the traitor Peter, and the human-rights abuser Saul of Tarsus. I have come to know a God whose Son made prodigals the heroes of his stories and the trophies of his ministry.” ~Philip Yancey

 I'm not even enrolled but I was up at first light this morning & headed out to Rhema so Dino could enrol in his course.  I have had a lot of practise at sitting around waiting thanks to Star.  I had my book [Froi of the Exiles ~ c/~ of Star but I am not recommending it as it is quite graphic in places & definitely for older, mature readers]; I had my laptop.  I had food & water & I was hoping it would be cool enough for me to sit in the car & wait it out.  It wasn't & I didn't.

It was muggy as, so I lugged my water & my book to sit on top of the hill under the trees where there was a little breeze, a great view & it was somewhat cooler.  I lasted about 20 minutes before the ants found me.  I cannot abide ants so I went & sat in the foyer in the air conditioning & happily submerged.  I can stay submerged indefinitely but Rhema is more than a little weird.  Good weird but weird just the same.  A steady stream of people found me & began chatting.  If I found someone with their nose in an 8" thick book I would assume they were a bibliophile & leave them to it.  Obviously the people at Rhema do not feel that way about people with their noses in an 8" thick book.  Apparently Dino is wonderful.  Not arguing that one.  Apparently I should be doing this course.  This one is seriously weird because that's 3 times now I've been told this & the first time the woman moved Dearest aside so she could get to me & demand to know why I wasn't doing this course.

Now we've only really been in this place twice before which may strike some of you as odd that we moved so quickly on Dino getting into college here.  No idea how others discern the Spirit's leading but I had that deep sense of peace & *rightness* that makes me sure we're on track even though I am still fairly cautious on other matters.  Besides the Lord confirmed it because Dino had to come up with all the money in just under a fortnight & the Lord left Him hanging till the 59th minute of the 11th hour ~ just like He did with Liddy because learning to trust the Lord's leading is lesson number one!

I am probably being a little more blond than usual but I have no idea what the Lord was trying to get through to me.  I just know that my jaw was pretty much scraping along the floor with the last lady, who was incredibly lovely & chatty enough that I didn't have to strain my brain ~ & as so often happens to me when it's the Lord's conversation anyway she hit on things I feel strongly about one after another: End Times: Israel; Fasting; Gathering in the Harvest....Prophecy.  I think the Lord's suggesting this is somewhere I can get some answers & grow because this woman couldn't possibly have known the sort of things the Lord has been placing on my heart or how He has been leading for the last few years but the Lord's got her there too!
Then Dino arrived lugging this big box of books that he dumped in my lap & the pair of us promptly began rifling through it to see what sort of treasure we had.  I have already snavelled two.  Some I won't touch.  I'm not much use in the Helps department & frankly no~one in their right mind would ask me to *help* with anything.  Seriously.  I've been known to starve guests because it has not occurred to me it's meal time & people might, just conceivably, be hungry.

Now this is not theological college.  The emphasis is very much on the practicalities of the Christian life.  It's not about putting preachers in pulpits; it's about bringing in the harvest.  This is exactly where Dino's head space has been so a perfect fit.  Everything learnt in the classroom then gets practice *out in the field*!  Dino is one of my *hands on* learners so once again a perfect fit.

I am exhausted.  Nighty~night.


Jeanne said...

No fair! Can't you at least tell us the names of the books in that there box? Please?

Julie said...

Very joyful and exciting time for you with this, Ganeida. The Phillip Yancey quote is fantastic. I love his books. I think "Disappointment With God" should be mandatory for every Christian - it answered so many questions for me. God bless Dino!!!

Ganeida said...

Jeanne: There's too many! lol I've grabbed the top two for starters. One's on being led by the spirit, the other's on prophecy but there is an overview of the OT & one of the NT, one on being a people person [I probably should read that but probably won't] & helps [ditto]. Some are quite thick, others little more than a tract. Dino is not a fast reader [thorough but not fast] so this could be interesting.

Julie: I'm pretty sure I've never read Yancey so I will hunt that one up. There is a Copeland one in there. I am not a Copeland fan so that one worries me a bit but I figure I'll just have to read it too & discuss any bits I disagree with.

seekingmyLord said...

I am excited to for Dino!