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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Wordless Gospel.

"No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once." — Oswald J. Smith

What do soccerballs & the gospel have in common?  And does David Beckham know about this?

The things I get to know!  Seriously.  Here I was, cheerfully telling everyone that yep, South America.  They play soccer there.  Liddy plays soccer.  Actually, South America is obssessed by the *Beautiful Game*. Every street kid can play.  They have the sort of footwork our kids can only dream about.  Liddy & Chile = soccer .... & the gospel.

Someone got there before me! How did that happen?  Some smart cookie put Chile, South America, & soccer together in their head & went,  there's gotta be an angle to this!   This is the result: The wordless gospel!  You even get to kick it around! You can even download it as a teaching tool here.

So how does it work?  This has been designed for oral cultures.  I did get a giggle that this popped up after my last post nattering about oral traditions.  I also got a giggle that it popped up after Liddy had done a weekend course on sorytelling the gospel because this makes it incredibly easy.  Basically you have one standard soccer ball  made in 5 different colours.  Each colour represents an aspect of the bible story & you can tell the whole thing from go to whoa using the colours on the ball. Gold is for God who is perfect & lives in heaven & who loves us.  Black is for our sin.  Red is for the blood of Christ who died for us.  White is for the new life in the spirit & green is for our continuing to grow in Him who loved us enough to die for us.  Each aspect can be developed further but this really tickled my fancy as an educator.  Look at all the learning styles it incorporates: visual, auditory, hands on, kinesthetic! Man!  I just love this.  Not only do the colours remind  people themselves but every kid can use it as a teaching tool themselves.  How brilliant is that?


joyfulmum said...

oh wow, how cool! and it would be great in reaching the youth I would imagine!

Jo said...

That's really clever, why do other people think these things up.

seekingmyLord said...


Julie said...

Yes - brilliant Ganeida! It brought back memories of the "wordless books" my girls were given in Sunday School decades ago - have you seen those? Here's a photo I found:

Persuaded said...

Hey! We made bracelets out of colored beads for this same purpose! I posted about it here:

Using soccer balls is a fantastic idea... those kids would never lose a soccer ball;-}