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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Into every life a little rain must fall...

You've come to the wrong shop for anarchy, brother. ~ Captain Jack Aubrey

I woke this morning to the slow drip of rain & the last of the tissue thin roses drooping under the weight of water.  There was a cat curled tight behind my bent knees, his nose tucked firmly under his tail, a barely audible purr emanating from somewhere deep inside.

It was dark & dank & cold as I pattered down the stairs, switching off all the lights Dino had left on as I went, to never get that first cup of coffee, hot & piping from the microwave.  Kirby promptly crawled into my lap because it had been a long cold night & he wanted warmth & cuddles & the steady thump of my heartbeat resounding through his small body.

We have the most beautiful fungi growing on our verandah.  The vibrant orange swirls glistening wetly light up the grey day.  Liddy is experimenting with soups.  Last week it was Potato & leek & gave rise to a Starism: "That looks like real soup!"  Meaning it looked like it came out of a tin.  Good one, Star!

With all the workers home & only wanting to curl up  under a doona with chocolate, a cat & a good movie I'm unlikely to get any actual work out of Star today.  Master & Commander might count only it's right out of period.  Besides we watched it yesterday, one of 3 Star got me on special & which I like despite the fact it makes me seasick.  Paul Bettany is easy on the eyes. The others were The Road [no good despite Viggo Mortensen~ someone needs to explain to the director that even if you have something important to say you still need to tell a good story or you may as well not bother] & Changeling, which was very good even though I do not like Jolie!  Liddy, who saw this one at the movies, declared it did her head in.  Call me cynical, but not the sort of stuff to do my head in.  I leave that to things like A Clockwork Orange  Both book & movie so did my head space in that I have never used them with any of the kids although I consider them to be absolute masterpieces of the genre & brilliant art. But not nice.  Not nice at all.

And now Kirby is back, snuggled under my chin & warmer than any hot water bottle.  There are compensations on a wet grey day when you own a smoochy cat.


Bonnie said...

We didn't like The Road either. It was just not quite right. I can't watch The Changeling--no lost kid movies for me. It's too sad to think about. But I love Master & Commander! The lesser of two weevils. :-) I think it should definitely count!!

Ganeida said...

Lol Bonnie. The Road just didn't have any sort of a story line worth bothering about. It's not that I necessarily object to the *arty~farty* pieces but they have to have something else going for them if they ditch a strong story~line & The Road just doesn't have anything. meh Master & Commander is strong in lots of areas which makes it very watchable all round. ☺

Jo said...

Did you mention cold, we have had the coldest May in 39 years. Each morning has been minus 3-6 and the days haven't been much warmer. The first thing my DH does when he gets up is turn the central heating on and once the house is warm I crawl out of bed!!

I didn't mind The Road, but the story is doomed. With no food being produced and most eaten, won't everyone die in the end when they run out of food and water? The other thing, what killed everyone, what was the big fire storm? Leaves many questions unanswered?! I just watched The Tourist and found it very entataining, I quite like Jolie and it has Johnny Depp, who Is cute. Fair Game was quite good as well, about the CAI agent.

alecat said...

Quiet wet here, too, and COLD!
I've been enjoying 'Candleford' on dvd (BBC production) during the quieter hours of the evening. I really should get out some knitting, so I'm productive at the same time, shouldn't I?