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Sunday, May 22, 2011

In spite of the cost of living, it's still popular. ~Kathy Norris

I am deeply & illogically insecure.  This is not a mature, adult, position to take so mostly I pretend that I'm as competent as the next person & swan round make~believing I can actually manage my life.
It's not true, you know.

This week the hot water system blew up.  There was this most enormous bang in the middle of the night & the sulphuric smell of fried wiring.  And somewhere in my deeply illogical brain I wondered if, if I ignored it, it would somehow have magically fixed itself by the morning.  It had not.  The hot water was cold.

I hate dealing with tradesmen.  I only ever want them when something has gone wrong & they always want to tell me things I don't want to hear ~ like, "Lady, your hot water system is screwed.  I can patch it together for you but the sooner you replace it the better."  And in my head I have this long list of reasons why that is not going to happen any time soon & why I will be giving the problem to *The Money Man* just as soon as he crawls out of bed.  And why, when I have multiple men in the house, am I the one discussing electricity & hot water systems, which I most emphatically do not understand, with the tradie?

And then there was the external hard drive thingie ~ which I got to buy having had a most disturbing discussion with a young & incredibly arrogant young man who made it quite clear he knew perfectly well I had no idea what I was talking about. OK, so it is true I was totally clueless but I was parroting what I'd been told very nicely & we would have done much better if he had just explained simply & clearly because that is the nice, polite thing to do when you are dealing with a clueless older lady who then has to go home & try & explain what she most emphatically did not understand to the MOTH [man of the house], because he's the Money Man who gets to say whether we actually spend that exorbitant amount of money for something now neither of us understands.

And there was the fridge ~ which made strange noises & decided it no longer wanted to be a fridge or freeze my meat or do any of the things for which it was given ample kitchen space.  Instead it wanted to grow strange fungi on my vegetables & yoghurt my milk & do other unmentionable things I didn't want it to do ~ & therefore required replacing. Too much drama.  If I want drama I talk to Star.

See I don't do well with life.  It is all just a little overwhelming & most of it I don't get.  I understand things like the Culdees & Arthur & how the Vikings moved their longships across open ground & the genetics of red hair ~ all of which is perfectly useless ~ but the insides of my car engine is a mystery to me ~ & not one I particularly want to solve.  Fridges & hard drives & hot water systems are just plain boring.  My eyes glaze & I have this most awful tendency to shrug & step around them.  Dead is dead & replacing them means another problem further down the track & it's getting old, this buying stuff just so it can break down.

I have reverted to type.  I am reading the latest archaeological take on Arthur & the piles of new evidence that change everything.  Books are nice & clean & the blood doesn't leak everywhere & stain the furniture.


seekingmyLord said...

You know that I readily admit to the love-hate relationship I have with technology and certainly refrigerators, hot water heaters, hard drives, and cars qualify. They make life easier until they don't. You have my sympathy.

Gerry Snape said...

Well this may be true...but you write about it soooo well that I read every word!

Ganeida said...

Seeking: I know. I'm not doing well with my life getting super complicated by all the stuff that just won't work as it ought! :( And Dearest thinks I should be able to think my way to solutions, Ummmm....

Gerry: Sadly all too true. And the end result is entertainment ~ which has no intrinsic value either. I wonder about me; I really do.

Jo said...

I strongly dislike tradies as well - they never can tell the cost and you only find out at the end and it costs a fortune. I also dislike phoning them up as you are never given and time that is suitable. They are similar to people fix cars and try and rip you off.

And as for white goods etc.. when things go wrong I need to hunt for the receipt to see if it is still under warranty and usually find out it has just expired!! and we are up for something expensive. And don't things seem to happen in 3s.

Julie said...

I agree with Gerry - you write about not being able to do life so well it seems like you're doing life pretty well. :) I am with you, though. These days I don't feel like I'm doing it very well either. I said to Michael today, "I can't do this" and I could tell he was praying. I'm thankful for his prayers but still feel like today is just too much. Better go back to the gratitude journal and put the other lenses on my nose... God be with you today, friend.