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Monday, May 16, 2011

I love Rocky Road ~ Al Yankovic
 Seven o'clock in the morning & the temperature is barely hitting 15 degrees C.  It is cold.  The hard edges of the day are as sharp as crystal.  There has been heavy dew & the earth smells richly damp & exotic.  The cats are in kitty heaven.  Even Marlow has braved the outdoors, slinking along on his belly, nose twitching.
 Star has been making Rocky Road.  Mmmm.  Hot chocolate & Rocky Road, cats snuggling, long afternoons under doonas watching old movies or, in my son's case out on the freezing water catching prawns.
He's gone for a week, doing some course that actually requires his physical presence so we are spared the fishy smells for this week at least.  Winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance.


seekingmyLord said...

Some of my friends pulled out their winter sweaters as it dipped in temperature here, after having nearly record highs for a few weeks. This is a rather interesting world, isn't it?

Jo said...

We have enjoyed some very frosty mornings this week, down to minus 7!!! Fortunately the house is toasty warm so it is not too bad at all. On Monday it was 2C at midday!!

Amy said...

That sounds lovely--the doonas and movies and dessert...not so much the icy water! ;)

Btw, and totally off topic, I found your fly story HILARIOUS!! And then I went to reply and your comment disappeared off the post! Oh well...just know that I really, really laughed (and cringed in sympathy for whomever it was) at that one!