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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eeny, meeny, minny, mo....

If it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever. ~ David Letterman

In our house we have quite a collection of coffee mugs ~ more mugs than people as it so happens.  At present there are 5 of us: Moi! Dearest. Liddy, Star & Dino.  We each have our favourite mug.  Here they all are hanging on their hooks.

Now the object of this game is to see if you can match the coffee mug with it's owner.  Some are easier than others but I promise all the correct mugs are there.  Off you go!  Have fun.  Oh, & if anyone manages all 5 correctly [Not the people who live in this house!  Hear me, Liddy?]  I might manage to pop a little something in the mail for you.
PS: I'll run this one until midnight Wednesday May 11th our time then declare it null & void.


Julie said...

How fun - okay I'll give it a try...

Musical instrument cup - Star
Apple cup - Liddy
Kitty cup - Ganeida
White and grey striped cup - Dearest
Green striped cup - Dino

What if several people get it right? :)

Jo said...

Star owns the muscial mug
Ganeida owns the cute kitty mug
The two males own the stripy mugs - not going to guess which
And the apple belongs to Libby.

I'm with Julie on this one!!

In our house my son happens to really like one of my fav mugs and often uses it!

Ganeida said...

Jo: I guess if several people guess right I'm up for several somethings but I'm betting on there being a fundamental flaw in people's deduction skills & so far I'm safe. ☺

Great guessing, ladies, but no~one has picked all 5.

joyfulmum said...

well, I would have guessed the same as Julie but you said no one has picked all 5 yet which gives me a certain advantage doesn't it and makes it unfair to the others? :) so having said that I'm going to mix them up a little to improve my chances of winning:)

kitty cup - Ganeida
musical cup - Star
apple cup - Liddy
grey and white striped cup - Dino
green cup - dearest

is that cheating? if so, remove me off the list:)

LobStar_89 said...

What makes you all think that mine is the Apple one??? :p

seekingmyLord said...

Skype me when everyone is drinking coffee and then I will tell you! LOL!

Happy Elf Mom said...

Ok, first cup is Liddy's then your husband's, then the apple cup is yours, then Dino's cup, then Star's.

What's my prize? :)

MamaOlive said...

All right, I'm no good at guessing so I'll mix it up for you.
In order from left to right
Liddy, you, star, dearest, dino.

Birbitt said...

Oh boy! A guessing game, I LOVE guessing games.

I'm going to say that the kitty cup belongs to you, the musical cup to star, the light stripped cup belongs to liddy, dearest has the apple cup, and the dark stripped cup to dino.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason Liddy just doesn't strike me as the apple sort, and since I know your boys are fishermen I can't imagine him owning an apple that one must belong to dearest. :)

OK, so I tried my very best!