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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The people who were honored in the Bible were the false prophets. It was the ones we call the prophets who were jailed and driven into the desert, and so on. ~ Noam Chomsky

Onions.  Map overlays. It's no wonder I'm a little batty on occasion. Peel a layer & something quite different is going on.

I hate 4th term  I really, really do.  There's just so much going on  & I'm not a big fan of Christmas so I flip when the Chrissy decorations start arriving before my birthday.  Seriously people.  It's October still!  We celebrate Christmas in December. De~cem~ber. That's over 8 weeks away & we  have 2 birthdays to get through before then.  That's just general madness & after all these years I can pretty much ignore the general madness but there's my kids.

Theo says he's coming home for my birthday.  That will be interesting because to the best I can figure out his rather garbled message he's coming home next month.  My birthday is this one. Yep.  He's mathematically challenged too!  Oh, & Star, who grizzled no end because I asked her to go on line & look up the English civil war, which falls within the Baroque period & we are looking at the Baroque period this term.  Bor~ing!Given 2 Stuart kings lost their heads round about then & they are family [in a round~about & very convoluted way] you'd think she'd be more interested, but nah. I thought it would be blood~thirsty enough for her too [yes, she's going through that stage] but all I got was lots of eye~rolling & pleas for help. Give me strength!  To make amends she put on Elizabeth: The Golden Years for me ~ which I have seen, several times~ & then proceeded to lecture me about Mary Queen of Scots. Um, when did she get to be such an expert? Not my period.  For all I know the child could be right.  Stranger things have happened.

Added to which, because we had a cancelled rehearsal on Wednesday, we are requested to attend rehearsal on Saturday.  At Cooparoo.  You know something?  I didn't even bat an eyelid over that one. Cooparoo? Yawn.  Maybe I am finally getting used to rushing all over Brissie like a mad woman. Oh, & we do know where this place is.  It's fairly straightforward so even if I sorta forget my way I know it's not going to end in a nightmare.

Liddy is coming home ~ I think.  Maybe.  She has been remarkably silent.  Maybe she died of the plague & forgot to inform me.  [Yes, I speaking to you, my daughter!]

At this point in time Marlow has the entire household extraordinarily well trained.  Every time I disappear from sight he sits in the middle of the floor & cries like a baby.  Invariably someone [yes, Dearest too] picks him up & carries him round petting him while looking for me!  No, my cats aren't in the least spoilt.

I think I could be forgiven for forgetting to pay the bills or buy the bread & milk [only I don't] ~ especially given that Star & I find the men in our lives unbelievable.  We arrived home the other day, well after tea time, to find neither man had eaten because they couldn't be bothered to cook for themselves ~ & yes, they were starving! Not impressed. How hard is it to toss 2 minute noodles in a pot or peel a banana?

So stuff, you know.  Life heading for chaos, as it invariably does round about this time of the year.  Not a good time for the Lord to start tapping me on the shoulder ~ especially as NaNo starts next month & I'd really like to do NaNo again this year.  I missed last because we were gearing up for Singapore &  chicken pox!  And then, out of the blue, another child says they think they have a call to missions [I think he's right] ~ which requires time, & prayer, mentoring & more prayer; & this will be an ongoing process.  Did I mention prayer?  Prayer, prayer, & more prayer.  In amongst which the Lord is telling me other stuff, some of which I have to do something about.  Meanwhile we have the cooking & the washing, the homeschooling & the music while I now feel like under all the everyday stuff that has to be done, & which gets done, there is this running stream of spiritual stuff bubbling & burbling away & requiring at least some of my attention most of the time.  To say nothing of the cats.  My 2 very neurotic, psychotic cats.  The cats who think my sitting down to prayer is is an open invitation to leap in my lap, lick my face, clean my ears, rub their faces all along my jawline, knead my knees & generally make themselves at home. Lord, it is a little distracting, so talk a little louder. Please? Seriously people, I know why those monks sat on top of poles for years on end in the middle of a desert. Pole & desert both looking good about now!


Ruby said...

Still searching for Panadol! Coffee...finding that book I was reading...
You ladies tire me out!
Have a lovely weekend, Ganeida. Can you let me know when your birthday actually is? :-)

Libby said...

Still living... I finally invested in some cough medicence... Such a wrong move, spent the morning vomiting :P Are you sure you want me home?

I'll be home for an extended visit. Next Thurs I venture home. I'm due back on the farm the follwing Tues. BBC has a church thing I'm supposed to be attending Mon night hence my extra few days.

Funny as post btw. I was reading it and could not help but read it at a fast pass... Says something about the way your brain is operating.

O and What have I always told you about the driving? When things start to become familiar it will be a lot easier!

Are we talking about Dino? What is he doing to follow up on anything? I sent him a txt msg the other week asking him to read Mark 1:16-20 and to then ponder if he had the same calling...

Could have e-mailed but I was reading here and thought I'd respond considering you had a pot shot at me... lol slightly exhaugsted atm and feeling very lazy :)

Joyfulmum said...

Ganeida, I think I need to go lie down now, lol!
Take it easy and remember to breathe :)

Finding Joy said...

I am a fan of the baroque as you will see next Wednesday! I am currently watching on DVD "The History of Britian" with Simon Schama which is excellent. I was only watching the story of Mary and Elizabeth the the day.

I am always surprised when I see chrissie decorations in shops in October, but I shouldn't be as I see them every year at this time. I do wonder who buys the food, eg chocolate and mince pies to eat in December.

What a funny cat you have! Not sure what my baby will do when I go away in December.

Diane Shiffer said...

I have always loved Christmas... always. And it never bothered me when they started with the Christmas decorations even as early as September (which they sometimes do around us) simply because I loved it so much. But over the last decade or so I have become so weary of the whole shebang. Not the birth-of-Christ part- I still love that♥ But the gift giving, and the insane amount of decorating and entertaining and the pressure. It drains all of the glory out of the season. Don't get me wrong, I love decorating my home and I love giving/making gifts for people, but it is the obligation and the frenzy that I despise, know what I mean? I would absolutely love to have a Christmas with NO GIFTS... NO TREE... NO HOOPLA. I think I'd just lay down and my head and weep tears of joy and gratitude if I could have a Christmas season like that. Just quiet and contemplation of the Christ... and ok, maybe a cup or two of peppermint mocha and a whiff of pine thrown in for good measure;-)

I'll be praying for Dino as I have been praying for Liddy. Great kids ya got there, girlie☺

and Cooparoo? Do you really have a town called Cooparoo?! I love it!

Ruby said...

Cooparoo? That is really pretty tame!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Well... whenever your visit is, I hope they're great! Will everyone be there at the same time? Because I'm confused, too!

Amanda said...

Cooparoo with an R, CooRparoo ;) Know it well lol.

seekingmyLord said...

I am so surprised no one has yet commented on the pole in the desert remark. I doubt if I will be able to shake this mental picture for quite awhile. I cannot think of anything that might make me desire that one!

I am hoping that you are having some fun in your little whirlwind.

Oh, if Liddy is coming home next weekend--healthy and well, I am praying (did you hear that Liddy?)--I might have my life back to something near normal (although I have yet to find out what "normal" is) so pencil in a Skype session on your schedule. ~♥~

Ganeida said...

Ruby: I will e~mail...

Lobby: Talked to you today. ☺

Rosemary: I shoulda stuck to one kid. lol

Jo: not really a fan of the Baroque myself but the child's music is that period just now & she really should grasp the music is affected by the culutral climate of the time! *sigh* Not that she cares...!

Persuaded: Christmas is fine when it is calm & peaceful & about Christ. It's all the rest drives me bonkers. I think I will make you a list of our odd town/suburb names. ☺

Ruby: I know. I'm a Brisbane woos!

Amanda: I never do spell half of Brissie's names right! What sort of a name is Coorparoo?! I come from somewhere with ordinary names like Cronulla, Gymea, Woolongong, Yowie Bay...

Seeking: the poles had a flat top [naturally] & one could be quite comfortable & one need not deal with the insanity

Oooh Skype! What an excellent idea, my friend!

seekingmyLord said...

I think your cat had a much better perch personally. Maybe you should try that one instead. ;)

Ruby said...

Before the event :-)

Libby said...

Cheers Persauded! Your one special lady yourself ;)

Seeking ~ You arrange it with mummy and I'll arrange the technical side of it all... I'm home for a week now so you both should have plenty of time to sort everything out!

Ganeida said...

MrsC: I'm confused too ~ & I have no idea who will be here when.

While prettier I agree, the tree branch is not real comfy.

Ruby: done! ☺

seekingmyLord said...

From my perspective that cat looks perfectly comfortable and is just daring you to give it a try!

Thanks, Liddy! Maybe you can talk your mum into getting her own webcam...?

Pen Wilcock said...

NaNo. What's that?
Baroque music is jolly good.
So is the poetry of Christopher Smart - wasn't he from around then? And John Donne and George Herbert - O fab, multi-fab!
Blessings of peace, deep peace upon your day, your night, or whatever it is you're in. Blessings of deep peace on you and in you.

xxx e

Ganeida said...

Seeking: I'm scared of heights...

Ember: Oooh, you would! Now I'm confused. I thought Donne was a Renaissance Man....! I love Donne but Star will have a breakdown if I divert her into Donne's poetry! NaNoWriMo here:<a href="</a>

I like to do this because it's time I can set aside to write in, which I really can't for the rest of the year. My family knows I do it & that the computer is mine for the duration! I signed Star up one year to encourage her to start writing [she was a non~writer for years]. Worked a treat. She's been writing her novels ever since. ☺

Jan Lyn said...

I realize I am coming in very late on this piece, but am drawn to your honesty and sheer authenticity. I love the way your are mingling that steady stream of spirituality throughout the ordinary and necessary parts of your day. It seems very Ignatian to me, and what other can we do...but attend to all of life at once.

Wow, another call to the ministry! I have a few chills....that is great.

Missing blogging AND more than anything, missing the time to read yours and others blogs!

Jan Lyn
PS-I feel the similar about Christmas and it is always played up so early and my birthday is in October as well as my youngest daughters! Then comes my husband's in November and well.....Christmas is so far away to me, yet the world is working on it now. Perhaps, it is better viewed in meaning everyday.....:)

Ganeida said...

Jan Lyn: We have 2 birthdays in October, one in November & one on Boxing Day. I really don't need to be run ragged before it's time.

I am behind on my blog reading to. I saw you'd posted & I read [honest I did ;D] but have yet to have the time to comment as I would like. Never mind. I'll leave you a hug here for you to collect on your way through. ♥