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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bless the flowers & the weeds, my birds & bees.
The clouds are finally starting to roll away but it is soo bitterly cold here!  Unbelievable for the middle of October.  This time last year we were already sweltering.  At night Marlow is tucking himself around someone's feet with his spine just under the edge of the doona & purring up a head of steam.

It has rained so much you would think all the birds were waterlogged but the other day I found a pair of pale Rosella's wallowing in a mud puddle, so plastered I thought they'd never get airborne, Kirby or no Kirby!  Actually we have a lot of birds around.  There are friar birds nesting out the front & just today Star came rushing in to ask what the birds were she'd got on camera; channel billed cuckoos!  Ok, so not a big fan of cuckoos but these are so weird looking [ok, downright ugly] they deserve a fan club!

And while I was shivering & wondering what had gone wrong with the weather to give us back a winter that should be well over Liddy rang to say Tamworth was only 6 degrees & she was freezing!  I immediately felt warmer.  It was certainly more than 6 degrees up here though it blew so hard Star was able to collect a huge pile of firewood & has marshmellows planned for one night this week.  Mmmm...

Tomorrow I take Star into town so she can play guinea pig for some wannabe choir conductors.  Now, that should be fun!  The cats will be so unhappy.  They have grown very suspicious any time the car keys jingle & investigate exactly what we are carting out the door with us.  So long as it doesn't include any large bags they seem to accept that we will be back ~ eventually.  A busy week shaping up, the first of many. *sigh* I need a holiday ~ no, I mean a proper holiday.  The sort I can't afford.  Five star luxury.  Housemaid.  Cook. Somewhere that accepts pets.  Can you imagine the boys?!  They'd be psychotic trying to decide whether being left behind was better or worse than being dragged along! At least it's the last term of the year.  Nearly all done.


seekingmyLord said...

I need a proper holiday too.... That is, if I knew what one was, I am sure that I would need it!

Ruby said...

Don't we all and only the third week of term!
That is an odd looking bird, the cuckoo. I don't think I have seen one like that around here. We do get heaps of drunken Rosellas though.
Ganeida, have a good week. Hope it is not too hectic.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: yes you do! Hpoe things aren't being too awful.

Ruby: We will have to end school early. I just can't manage all the music & school too. We are working hard to get our return work all done this month. The cuckoos are weird & not very nice to know but too strange not to enjoy. Hope you have a good week.

Joyfulmum said...

Rebekah got swooped by a magpie and a bird with a "rectangular / square" beak (in her words) yesterday:) I was hoping it was the channel billed cuckoos but no, it wasn't, I'm still looking up my bird book for one with a square / rectangular beak lol!
yea, the end of the year is looking good though isn't it!
hope your week is not too busy!

Finding Joy said...

We have heaps of rain, but each morning the birds continue to sing. I think they are a lessons to us all. No matter the weather they still keep singing happily. Well they sound happy, I am not sure what a unhappy bird sounds like.

I would love a five star holiday being waited upon by others. One day perhaps.