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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daft cricket. They slog your good balls and get out to your bad ones. ~Matthew Hoggard

 There are compensations to all the travelling on occassions.  We were treated to a rather spectacular sunset as we waited for the boat yesterday.  The sea had that cold turquoise hue & it was decidedly nippy as we strolled round the shoreline from the car park.

I had my hands full having detoured on our way into Coorparoo to acquire vegetable seedlings ~ a little venture that made us a tad late & not helped as we zoomed onto the school premises to find the construction work was still in effect & there was no seeable parking!  Don't you hate that?!
 So today was quiet.  No home group today so we rounded up the troops & spent a couple of hours watching the island cricketers whack sixes all around the pitch.  No not Dino actually.  He snavelled his highest score ever in sneaky little singles & left his partner to the big hitting.  Lucky too.  The big hitter  was dropped 5 times! Whew.  Exciting stuff.
We have a lovely pitch.  OK it's full of bindies & green ants but the view is totally worth a couple of hours of cricket.  Big Ficus edge the grass for some lovely shadey spots & the pitch overlooks the channel between us & the mainland.  Wouldn't be the first time [nor the last] a stray pod of dolphins has generated more excitement than the game itself.  Compensations! ☺


Amanda said...

I would prefer the pod of dolphins over a game of cricket any day! lol

The sunset photo is spectacular!

Ruby said...

Well, I love cricket but dophins are great, too!
They sometimes are spied right here in town even though Rocky is quite a way inland, as the Fitzroy is tidal. I have not seen this but it is well documented!
That sounds like a nice day. Hope every one at your place is getting the R & R they need.

Ember said...

I love that sunset photo. So beautiful. You have *bindies* in your cricket pitch? In my world those are pretty little jewelled decorations that Indian ladies wear on their foreheads! :0\ I suspect this is not what you had in mind...

Ganeida said...

Amanda: Cricket's not my thing but I'm fond of my lad & he did well & was chuffed to have the family there. ☺

Ruby: It was lovely. We badly needed some down time & today is wet & mizzling again [remember *mizzling* is a real word! ☺]

Ember: Bindies are nastly little burrs & believe me you know all about it if you step on one! They are hard to eradicate & a lawn with them necessiates shoes at all times.

Ganeida said...
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