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Monday, October 18, 2010

An expert knows all the answers -- if you ask the right questions. Game time!  I so need some trivality in my life this week, so thanks, Amanda, who has tagged me for 7 questions.1. Where did you meet your husband? generally speaking ie highschool, work
This is going to sound incurably romantic [it wasn't really] but I met Dearest in a poetry writing class.  Yep.  Sad but true.
 2. What is one of your most favourite movies?

Just one? Actually that's really hard as I tend to like foreign films & promptly forget their titles!  French films are often delightful & I do like Babette's Feast with all that lovely gloomy landscape & an entire live turtle filling the kitchen & about to be turned into soup.  Grubby ~ yet fascinating.  And the feast inself, with the entire village's secrets getting spilled with the wine ~ who could ever forget it!?  Need I say the kids absolutely hate it.

3. If you could have any career you'd like, what would it be? (besides wife/mum lol)Any career at all?  I'd be a Heavenly Harpist ~ & seriously, I expect a major improvement in my singing ability once I get through those pearly gates!  It is so frustrating to love music & not be able to reproduce it! So as that isn't terribly practical how about Celtic archaeology?  Except for the wet & the mud I think I'd get off on that ~ but then it does get very wet & very muddy.  I could get off on being a Celtic Poet ~ only I got born too late.  Beach bum?  I'm halfway there already...

4. What character in the Bible do you really relate too the most?

I actually have 2 ~ not so different either.  I love Isaiah & I adore john: visionaries, poets, God~lovers.

5. Where did you get married? ie what city/town?
I think it was Toowoomba, but you know, I'm actually not real sure...

6. What makes you laugh easily?

Irony.  It's awful.  I'm always seeing the wacky side of things & laughing in all the wrong places but life is just so bizarre!  I don't get physical humour at all.  It's never funny for me but a clever play on words, a double entendre,  the quirks of life & I'm howling like an idiot.

7. If you could live in another country, which one would it be?

I'd have to say a time as well as a place & for me that would be pre~Roman Celtic Britain when, to all intents & purposes, the English weather was far milder & more pleasant & one could make a really good living as a poet.

Now I have to tag 7 people.  This is always really hard for me so if you want to play & I haven't tagged you feel free to join in & if I have tagged you & you don't want to play that is ok too.

1 Seeking.
2 Birbitt.
3 Lobstar.
5 Ruby at Mumma's Place.
6 Jeanne at A Peaceful Day.
7 Foxglove spires.
And now for your questions! ☺

1.What is the one moment in your life you would love to live over again & why?
2. Which historical figure would you like to meet & what is the one thing you'd really like to ask them? [yes, I know I'm sorta cheating. lol]
3. What is your Heart's Desire?
4. What is your most irrational fear ~ & are you game to share it here?
5.Cat person  or Dog lover?
6. If you could be a tree what would you be & why?
7. When you meet Jesus what is the one thing you really, really want to say to Him?

Ok ladies, have fun!


Amanda said...

Bless your heart for playing along lol. I felt like some light relief also ;)

I was going to tag Ruby, but I thought I better leave you some to tag lol.

I liked your answers.. You do have weird taste in movies, but I still love you :P

The harpist sounds divine! I love that sound/instrument.

Ganeida said...

Lol Amanda. I got Hosea up & away & I'm totally wiped! Actually I like 4 weddings & a funeral too ~ but then it's pretty weird in a different sort of a way. I keep swearing I'm gonna learn the harp. Star laughs. I can't even tune the guitar! I even got as far as pricing them; exxie...

Amanda said...

I've yet to read the Hosea post... I have been savoring it for the right moment of peace and quiet lol.

Ruby said...

Mine's up. Thanks for tagging me. That is tricky having to think up your own bunch of questions.
Night all :-)

seekingmyLord said...

I have been tagged!? Oh, the pressure!

Jeanne said...

Ganeida - your questions are hard!

Poetry class - how romantic indeed...

Amanda said...

Ganeida, how can you NOT remember where you got married??? Only you! haha!

Unknown said...

I've been tagged, my firt one ever! *happy dance* Oh dear, now I just hope I can come up with the right answers... Ok, I did it! Please be kind :) Oh and I find you quite fascinating Ganeida, it is always a delight to read your blog.

Finding Joy said...

Pre roman britian, I'm not sure about that, a bit lacking in things likes showers and hairdryers! Off to read Jeannes answers, already been to a . This is fun:)

Anonymous said...

Yes; it was Toowoomba :-)


The HoJo's said...

I think it is lovely that you don't remember where you got married! We only remember our wedding date by working out what year we got our first pub! It's the marriage that is important, not the date it started :o) or perhaps we are daft, either way I'm happy!