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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogging is totally weird ~ anon

We are on holidays. Finally. A day late ~ but the maths has gone.

Everyone in this house is sleeping ~ lots. Excusable as the rain just keeps falling out of the sky like a long, slow, miserable leak. I am indulging myself by blog hopping ~ something I don't normally allow myself because unrestrained it can occupy an entire day [like I have entire days to waste!] & once begun it is almost impossible to desist.

But I have been thinking, because Ruby had a most interesting post at her place yesterday, how different we all are & how enlightening the comments were ~ though once again it points out that I'm a little odd. See the subject of stats counters came up. Not sure that I actually have one of those but I must have because someone keeps e~mailing me my weekly stats; at least, I assume that's what they are doing because after the first one I never opened another & delete them unread. Numbers. I don't do numbers. Which begs the question ~ What am I doing with a stats counter?

I think it must be attached to the map thingy & I admit I am fascinated by the map thingy. Where do all these people come from who appear from nowhere, read a blog or two & disappear into the nethersphere? Without leaving a comment!!!!

Now Amanda pointed out, & I do get her point actually, that she gets a little miffed when her regular readers visit then don't even say hi in the comments section. She thinks it's rude ~ like eavesdropping. Maybe it comes from living in a small community where no~one locks their doors & you're liable to come home to a note on the fridge that reads: BORROWED A JAR OF COFFEE & A PACKET OF MINCE FROM THE FREEZER ~ but I don't see it that way. And that's if you're lucky. They might borrow the coffee & mince & forget the note, just telling you about it when next they see you ~ however far into the future that might be. You get used to it. So if my regular readers visit & don't comment ~ well I'm ok with that. I figure that some of them are the quiet sorts who are more listeners than talkers. Besides, they're friends & if they want to plonk in a corner for a few minutes & browse through my mind [not that that's something I'd recommend for mental health reasons] well, this is their space too. Together we make it community.

However the little map thingy tells me I have a number of regulars who have never even introduced themselves. Now I admit, that rather freaks me out. Who are these people & what on earth are they doing?! [Doesn't include you, mum; I know you're there.] It's sort of like a break & enter. Now I know people who would argue that if you put stuff out in the public domain why are you surprised when the public reads it? I'm not but there is such a thing as politeness & good manners & if you are going to gate crash someone else's party it is only polite to let them know you're visiting. Especially if you're making a habit of it.

So while I'm blog~hopping I'm leaving these random little notes ~ just to say hi , I've visited & whose blog I've linked from because if that was me I know I'd be interested in that. Numbers don't tell me anything. I don't get the numbers game but I can look at my little map & the flag tells me which country & state & I know lots of your flag ids now so I know who's visited & it gives me a warm huggly feeling to know you've stopped in, even if it's just to rest your weary mind for a moment but are too tired or worn to leave me a comment. That's ok. Really it is.

If, however, you are one of the other sort, please, please, please, put me out of my misery & leave a comment or two so I don't feel like I'm being stalked. Yes, I'm totally paranoid. Yes, I admit to being totally intrigued to know why someone in India, Pakistan or Singapore is reading my waffle? Actually, do me another small favour & tell me how you even manage to read this stuff because it is absolutely littered with Oz slang & lingo rather than standard English & I can't imagine how on earth anyone who's first language is something other than English manages ~ given that sometimes even my American friends have difficulties, divided by a common language as we are!

Oh, & if you're a little shy ~ use the e~mail address that's linked to this blog. Several people have done that & that's fine too. See, I'm all about the conversations. I don't care how often you comment or how long your comments are ~ but surely you must have an opinion about something here. There is only one critea: be polite.

So what do you think, people? Do your lurkers upset you or not? How do you feel about comments? I know we all love them; it's what makes blogging such fun, but are you upset if regular readers don't comment? What stops you from commenting? I will be fascinated to hear your thoughts on this one. ☺


Birbitt said...

I don't have many lurkers to my blog that I am aware of, and I have very few regular readers also. I don't mind if somone doesn't leave a comment, but I do enjoy them! Sometimes I read and don't comment simply because anything I can think of to say sounds dumb in my mind and I don't want to clutter up somones blog with my silly comments, other times it's because I don't know what to say, and then sometimes I just can't think how to type what I'm thinking and make it sound coherent. So if you see that I've visited and not left a comment, it's probably one of those reasons. :) I do very much enjoy your blog though!

LobStar_89 said...

O Dear Mother, curiosity get the better of you aye!

Amanda said...

oh dear, what have I started??! Ganeida, you have no idea how much this post has plastered a huge smile across my face. You are a crack-up! See!! I told you! hahahaha I know you get a little spooked by different things than me, but essentially it is a matter of 'blogger etiquette' or social manners I believe.

Well, after I had my rant at Rubies, and few emails to her, I have taken her advice. I deleted my stat counters and even the feedjit thingy. I know longer want to be ruled by that thing! LOL! I feel FREE!!! yes!!! It has removed a great stress of me. Why did I have one to start with? Well, I liked seeing all the little flags and such too. I do wander who the Russian visitor is though... he/she is a regular reader ;-)

I love your dear heart. You brightened my day enormously. Not sure how to explain why but you just did.

And no, I don't have randoms coming into 'borrow' my mince and coffee. I think my problem was I just love my blogging friends and love a good ol' chit chat... and perhaps a little bit of a rejection issue in the mix. Working on that one :P

Ruby said...

Loving the thoughts these bloggy posts are revelaing :-) As indicated, I got rid of the stats thingy (and yes, that is where your email is coming form) for the very reason you mention. I spent too much time wondering who the anonymous readers were. I really needed to just enjoy the blogging and the friends and not be too worried about the others. If they want to come and join in ~ good.
What I think is that we need to adjust our thinking. Blogging and opening your door to the world through the internet is different to inviting someone into your home. We do not get the veto in the same way (although I see there is an application where you can blog someone, perhaps only for comments,I haven't actually checked that out). Once you sign up you have to accept that some unknowns will lurk. I just hope that especially so far as Christian things are concerned that they might be touched by a post or comment.
My policy is to comment and acknowledge I was there (Ruby was 'ere), see if there is reciprication and proceed from there.
I actually read at your blog from time to time for quite a while before commenting, Ganeida:-) Just letting you know!

Ruby said...

Spell check! Spell check! Revealing and block someone :-)

Ganeida said...

Birbitt: I sometimes find it hard to comment because I can't think of anything that isn't totally inane. lol Besides, you have a swag of littlies so I know your time is limited. Thank you for such a lovely affirmation! ☺

Liddy: as one blogging paranoid to another ~ you know what to do! lol

Amanda: I was so intrigued by your comment ~ mostly because it's the lurkers that bother me rather than the other way round. Fascinating. The Russian bemuses me. The Norwegian has introduced himself via e~mail. So lovely. And you are right; it is all about good manners but maybe that is a cultural thing? I actually shut down a whole heap of stuff on a forum I was on because I was getting obsessive about number stuff & it is just so pointless. It may be blogereality but it's still people out there.

Ganeida said...

From, not form lol Love the tpyos, Ruby: Yes, you are quite right but it is interesting [to me] to see what makes others paranoid. lol I do weird rather well. If I had me lurking I'd be worried. As for you ~ well I worry less when I can track someone back to a blog we both haunt. I figure I probably already know that person in some way or other & they are nice friendly beings who are just a little shy. lol

Ruby said...

Alas, the hand is quicker than the brain and my poor eyes!

Ganeida said...

Ah, Ruby, I am just happy I am not the only one. ☺

Amanda said...

yes, Ganeida, you would be a scary lurker indeed !!! {blowing raspberries at you!}

Ruby, you had me scratching my head... trying to work out what 'blog someone' meant and I was wondering what I was missing out on!! LOL LOL!

This 'baring one's blogging soul' is great! It reminds me of one of those AA meetings where we all sit in a circle confessing our fears and addictions to one another! haha!

Jo said...

Hello Ganeida - dropping by to say hello!!! And thank-you for dropping by my blog today - love reading your comments.

I know that I have people who visit my blog and don't leave comments - a couple are my brothers and a few cousins of mine - but I will excuse them as they are family (and I don't want to get them off side) - one brother does comment quite often and I like that, a male voice is sometimes quite nice.

I like the bit about people sleeping in your house now that you are on holidays - my kids are a bit like that, but I quite like to get up early on holidays so I don't waste a moment of the day.

Ganeida said...

lol Jo, my mother reads here; not sure she knows how to access the comments. So do my brother & SIL but they don't comment either & I know they're computer savvy.

I'm an early riser. I like having the house to myself before everyone else gets up. And I always look at your Wednesday art ~ though Wednesdays are my busy day usually & I don't always get time to comment ~ but we're on hols this wweek so I can indulge. ☺

seekingmyLord said...

My, my, my. This is might be enough to scare away the paranoid readers!

Ganeida, you know that I get all conflicted about things like this. On one hand, I do like comments left on my blog. Yes, very much! On the other, um, I am one of those who does not leave comments on every blog I have read, even though I really only read a few.

I do like my Feedjit, because it is nice to know others do come by, when and from where, but I am not interested in having the most poplar blog--didn't I just write about this myself this almost a week ago?

My purpose for having a public blog--and didn't I just write about how I blame you for that also?, I guess it could all really boil down to vanity, which is why I would not blog if it did not honor my Lord, at least attempt to honor Him. Without that, its purpose would be another worthless time-consuming indulgence serving my own ego.

Perhaps tempering my ego is why my Lord keeps my readers to just a handful OR it could be I am just not all that interesting...Nah! My ego is sure it cannot be that! ;)

Ganeida said...

Seeking: As I mostly read round Christian's blogs I hear quite often that a person wants to honour God with their blog ~ & I'm not knocking that ~ but I think we forget the other side of it sometimes. God wants to bless us & he uses our blogs to do it! Seriously. Where would I be without all the lovely ladies God has brought in to my life through my blog? Where else was I going to meet anyone walking a similar spiritual path? Where else would I find the signposts along the way left as markers by those who made the track for those who would follow after? All these things have been a blessing to me & while it is possible to misuse a blessing that is my fault & not God's.

Oh & the ego is one reason I don't read my stats. lol

seekingmyLord said...

Did I just get a blog spank? No wonder people are not leaving a comment. ;P (I just had to say it. You left it soooo wide open.)

Seriously, I suppose connection is also part of it. I found blogging better for me than keeping a private journal, simply because someone might read it, but if many do not leave a comment then it is one sided, not really a "connection," is it? (Tell me you aren't rolling your eyes now thinking where was I because that the point you were making?)

Ganeida said...

Seeking: Well, you invited it...;P For me a lot of it is about connection. Community. Sharing. I'm not interesteed in having the most followers or the biggest ego trip but sharing the journey in a way that is helpful & meaningful.

joyfulmum said...

Ganeida, I'm a bit late but also wanted to chime in:)
First confession: my location on your blog is way off from where I am actually located, but you know where I live so I'm sure you've figured that out:)
Secondly: I usually do leave comments on blogs I read unless I really have nothing to contribute that would make any sense lol! I must admit I think one of your recent posts was a brain strain for me and I had to leave without commenting, don't worry it's me not you - sometimes my brain is too tired and can't deal with certain things:)
Thirdly: I do have a stats / counter thing and look it up ocassionally to see where I'm getting visitors from, it's fun. I don't have it there for any other purpose. It doesn't worry me where they are from and why they don't leave comments. I think in fact I just don't have the time to think about it too much. In fact I recently got someone from India following my blog - they have signed in as a follower and I saw their profile picture among the followers on some of the other blogs I follow. I have no idea who they are and haven't had the time to check out their blog!
Fourthly: My blog is a journal and I stick to my original goal for starting one, to keep some sort of record of our lives to pass on to my dd one day. So, for that reason, I only post about certain things / topics etc. I also use it as a means of connecting with other friends who are non-christian and also follow my blog (though don't comment). So, I do know that they read them but they just don't comment:) and I'm fine with that! Actually only one of signed up with a 'blog' follow thingy just to follow but others haven't.
About other readers that have blogs of their own, yes I have on ocassion got upset with them for going for a long time without leaving comments. I understand that one doesn't want ot comment on every post but to go for weeks or months without commenting is not nice imo! Fortunately that hasn't happened in a while, so I'm all good now:)
My dh follows my blog but is not tech savvy enough to leave comments though I have showed him on a couple of ocassions:)
Sorry this has turned into a post of it's own:(

joyfulmum said...

OH DEAR! I am SO sorry I didn't realise my comment was THAT long:)

Anonymous said...

Now you know why I don't have an open blog :-)


Ganeida said...

Rosemary: Somewhere in my blather I did say length is good. lol Seriously. I like long chatty comments. ☺

Yeah that map reader is weird. I come up from somewhere very different to where I actually am.

Siano: I know. I know. You want to update, m'dear, & tell me all about Wales even though I will turn discinctly green & eat my own liverish. ☺ I do so want to go back.

Amanda said...

Ganeida, where the heck is Punjab??? LOL... one of your recent visitors is from there. Never heard of it before :P

Ganeida said...

Amanda: the Punjab is in India. May be one of Rosemary's readers.

Now there's a thought. We could play "guess the lurker". lol

Sylvia said...


I am someone who visits your blog regularly. I come from Diane's blog. I actually visit a lot of blogs. But I do not delurk and if I do rarely comment.

Why do I visit blogs.
I am immigrant to America. Came from a non-christian country where less than 10% is christian. American christianity confused me to a large extent the denominations, emphasis on doctrine, mega churches etc. In my native country we did not have things like that. Dressing a certain way as in skirts only as biblical feminity etc. My faith was shattered and I went looking for who the real American christians are. Blogs are a good medium for me to see what people believe in and why they do. Extreme blogs I avoid. Blogs like yours are intruiging and I have learned a lot about the Quakers for instance from you. I am christian, but my choices may not be the same as others and I do not comment because I do not want to offend or start an argument especially on theology. Blogs are not message boards. I do not know much about it, but I learn a lot like recipies, cleaning wood floors (never seen one in my native country), storing for winter, gardening which were not skills that my upbringing taught me. I would like to knit, sew too. And of course home schooling, I do not home school my children but love the books home school moms recommend. And I like looking in at Aussie culture from your blog.

I delurked for Diane. She is an amazing person who I consider a friend.

So in short here is a summary of why I visit blogs. I am not brave enough to blog, but people like me do come in to learn not just to criticize I hope.

Thank you

Sylvia said...

Wanted to add..

There are some blogs I do comment on. A ministry one which I think is appropriate more like a message board and different than a personal blog. I have found it is hard to say something and though I try, I do come across hurting or judging someone else's choices. Or it descends into an argument, though polite. So I find it best to keep my thoughts to myself.

Ganeida said...

Sylvia: How lovely to meet you & learn something of your story. ☺ Thank you for de~lurking. Yes, Diane is wonderful & with such a big heart for the hurting of this world. I agree American Christianity is confusing. lol I would be very interested to learn your views on Christianity because I am always intrigued to know why people believe as they do but I understand not wanting to stir up controversy. Thank you so much for sharing so much here. I enjoyed reading your comment very much.

Gerry Snape said...

I looked at my stats for the first time today..couldn't make head nor tail of them except that a lot more people seem to look at me than I thought ...but that then could only be because I couldn't make head nor tail...if you see what I mean. Shall keep reading you keep writing....please!!

Ganeida said...

Lol Gerry! I know exactly what you mean! The stats themselves mean nothing to my poor little unnumerical brain but I like looking at the different countries readers come from. Actually I have a few readers whom I know who don't usually comment ~ which reduces my paranoia considerably! I must say, this has been a most interesting conversation & I am thrilled so many people have chosen to give an insight into what makes their blogging [or reading] tick for them.

Persuaded said...

Ahhh.... well, I confess that I have a sitemeter that I look at way too often. I suppose there is a pathetic little spot within me that wants to know that I am loved and appreciated, lol. (Because we all know that rising numbers on sitemeter are a sure indication of love and appreciation, right?


Anyhoo.. I have folks from certain locations who visit me daily- some multiple times a day, and they have never made themselves known. It doesn't really bother me, but it does make me wonder. Who are these people and why are they so interested in me? I hope their interest is charitable and not hostile, lol. I trust it is;-)

As far as commenting on other folks' blogs, I wish I could do more of it. I wish I could go to every single person who comments on my blog and comment them back.. I love reading other gals blogs and commenting feels like a conversation to me. Heaven knows I love conversation! For me it's kind of a trade off.. I can either spend my computer time writing my own posts, or commenting on other folks'.. but not both. Well, not both unless I am neglecting my other duties and obligations, kinda like I am right now. eeek!

Of course for you, my dear Ganeida, I come and comment because I simply cannot stay away♥

Ganeida said...

Diane: I know you are busy [& far more disciplined than I am] & you are right; it is either blog or read blogs but I cannot generally do both with a clear consience! It is another reason I am happy if my readership stays relatively small. That way I have some chance of visiting everybody regularly ~ plus leaving a comment ! Of course I am always delighted when you are able to visit AND comment. lol