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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little light entertainment...

As the children of a blogging parent my daughters occassionally complain everything is grist for the blogging mill & debate which of their many pecadillioes will end up on the blog this week but I gotta admit, Star brings a lot of it on herself. She is too funny not to share.

Now Star has a cold & is too miserable for words. Her nose is running & her sinuses clogging up the way sinuses do when a rampant infection is rampaging through them so driving her down to the library I wasn't surprised that she was snuffling into a tissue. However, the next moment her voice began bellowing Purcell's Sound the Trumpets inbetween loud honks of her nose.

"Souuuuuund" [honk, honk] "the trumpets, sound the trumpets "[honk]" sound the trumpets..." [honk, honk]

Yeah, gotta wonder about that girl! ☺


Ruby said...

Having met the beautiful *Star* now, that is all the more funny! At least she hasn't lost her voice. Trumpets never sounded so grand!

LobStar_89 said...

O Ditz is highly funny (soz she will always be my Ditz + I wasn't allowed a name change) Ditz's first comment to me yester was; Wow so many people would die to have your skin but they just end up looking like walking carrots!

seekingmyLord said...

All I can think is why doesn't she do this when we Skype? My daughter would NEVER let her forget it!

Lobstar, that just does not make sense unless you let people know you have a sunburn.

Persuaded said...

My kids have the same trying trial... they never know what is gonna be blog fodder, lol! Of course they do have ultimate veto rights, much to my blogging chagrin at times;-/

Ember said...



Ganeida said...

Ruby: I know! ☺ She was so decorous when you met.

Lobstar: you never complained half so much & besides there are all the producers & conductors lining up who might only know her through my blog & be put of by her on~line name! lol Yeah, right.

Seeking: the child has a good sense of self preservation. No~one is ever going to believe me & she will deny it with her dying breath but if she did it for the Princess, with witnesses....!!!

Diane: You give yours veto rights?!!!!! Noooooo.....

Ember: And I have to own it. ☺