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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation ~Anon

What have I been doing all week?

Well...I've slept a lot.

Then I slept some more.

Inbetween times I wished I was asleep.

I am not well. I am going back to sleeeeeeeeeep......


Jeanne said...

Sorry to hear that you're not well. I adore your quote though. I think I shall use that. Caffeine deprivation indeed!

Ruby said...

Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well, also. Keep resting and get better soon. :-)
I have my morning cuppa beside me to try to wake up this Saturday morning....not working I didn't sleep so well and that is very unusual for me. It is one of the few things I am really good at.

Amanda said...

Some of these mid-season nasties really hang on don't they?! I hope you feel better asap.

I love the little picture. I had someone send it to me via email a few years ago, and I loved it so much I printed it out.