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Friday, September 3, 2010

A friend is a brother who was once a bother. ~Author Unknown

There has been a lot of talk recently amongst all the blogs I visit regularly about the things of God. Discernment. Being a different sort of witness. Peace. Simplicity. Truly inspiring. Uplifting. Encouraging. Makes me want to gird up my loins & press forward into the Kingdom already but life gets in the way.

Like this morning. I was up early but it was overcast & mizzling & like my Star I'm a little under the weather so I fed the cats & went back to bed. I woke to this rather peculiar conversation bouncing off my walls:

"Liddy, will you help carry stuff down to the point?" from Dino the fisherman.

Liddy: " You must be delusional. It's raining."

"I promise you, you won't get wet." Promises he couldn't possibly keep & Dino knew it. So did Liddy. Round & round, like cats in a jar then this...

"Come on, it's not raining any more."

"You've got to be joking! It's raining"

"Nah, that's just the water falling out of the trees."

And in case you're curious, yes, she helped him carry all his gear down to the point. But that's the thing isn't it. All the high faluting ideals in the world are as nothing unless you can find a way to live them out in the real world, the one that has bothersome brothers, pesky little sisters, demanding cats & husbands who just won't live in the well defined little boxes we keep just for them. So...back to the drawing board!


seekingmyLord said...

All the high faluting ideals in the world are as nothing unless you can find a way to live them out in the real world, the one that has bothersome brothers, pesky little sisters, demanding cats & husbands who just won't live in the well defined little boxes we keep just for them.

Or just having...the Princess and that most annoying Jamie Muffin! LOL!

And that is the personal, often daily, turmoil we all must experience as we strive to constantly see the core of many earthly hardships are actually spiritual conflicts between ourselves and God. Anything not of the Lord has no substance in the Kingdom, even though they feel pretty real to us here in this existence! I think that here we are to learn spiritual disciplines and it is not easy...not at all. There is definitely a reason that "discipline" and "discipleship" are closely related.

(I have always thought the Lord must put that cat into my life to teach me something of highly significance in my seeking to be His disciple! Please tell me that all that cat puts me through actually does have a purpose...please!)

Ruby said...

It is always heartening to see siblings who are also friends! I have a number of them and they are some of closest human beings in my life.
I'm sure your Liddy is too sweet and kind to turn down such a heartfelt offer! Is that lad crazy??? And mizzling? Is that Geneida speak? I do get your meaning though I doubt it's in the dictionary!
I do hope you are feeling better very soon.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: Haing *met* your Jamie Muffin I know he's totally adorable! We all need to be loved ~ even the unlovable.

Ruby: I hate to break it to you BUT mizzling is a real word meaning to rain in fine drops; mist; drizzle ~ from the English Midlands. Check your dictionary. ☺ I have a very strange vocabularly. The lad is definitely crazy & I am feeling much better thank you! ♥

LobStar_89 said...

We learnt as young children to always carry a dictionary with us when talking to mother :) O the funny part is I didn't actually get wet!

Ruby said...

Oh you English buffs!!!!
I will surely add that to my limited vocab.

Ganeida said...

Ruby: it is a lovely, lovely word, isn't it? ☺ I like mithered too ~ & yes, it's a real word too. lol I *collect* unusual words that grab my fancy. I have your e~mail but will think & pray on it before answering so don't think I'm ignoring you but your questions are important & worthy of more than my usual scatter~brained response. lol

seekingmyLord said...

You have not seen him in action, but being that you see him as "adorable" I would mail the Muffin to you gladly but for two reasons: I would not wish such a cat on my worst enemy (perhaps because I am arrogant enough to believe I am the only one in the world who can possibly tolerate him without torturing him) and the cat does not travel well at all...and you know we ALL--yes, dog, hamster, and even the cat too--are going on a trip. I guess I do love the little monster as I do not like to see him suffer...much--kidding!--I just wish he would get the idea through his furry head and twisted heart that tormenting cruelty is not the healthiest way to express love. Thankfully, a good long trip does seem to sweeten him up afterward, for a time, but it never lasts long enough sadly.

joyfulmum said...

he he he:) you are certainly increasing my vocabulary! hope you feel better soon!

Amanda said...

It must be a male thing. Rain doesn't seem to bother guys went out to play golf this morning, in the rain! (it was only light but still!)

Ruby said...

Very "The Secret Garden" words those :-)
Look forward to your reply though I am not so much seeking an answer as your reseaning on the subject.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: you say...;]

Rosemary: Oh no! lol My girls will never let me live this down. They are always telling me to use plain English!

Amanda: Yep. Definitely. I like walking in the rain ~ sometimes ~ but the lad was going to sit in it & FISH!

Ruby: Alan Garner actually. Disapproved of in some circles but he writes a lovely text. And I just sent you an e~mail before I read this. Ask again if I got it wrong.

Gerry Snape said...

Oh how true how true Ganeida. I love this post! It's as real as real as can be . and I want to know that He is there to be with me in all of this reality. It's the only way that I know how to be.

Ganeida said...

Gerry: where the rubber meets the road is where it's at, isn't it? I agree with you. I need to know Christ is there in the nitty~gritty. Hard for me. I like the high falutin' stuff. :[

Jan Lyn said...

Yep, you have put it plain here, Ganeida. It's one thing to have Quaker testimonies or any values and morals & ideals of prayer and talk/write about them, but how we live them out in our lives is whats most important. Gratefully, we do not do this alone, but by being trasformed by Christ.

I LOVED this..
".....demanding cats & husbands who just won't live in the well defined little boxes we keep just for them"

So riotous and true!

Ganeida said...

Jan Lyn: it's the husbands cause the most trouble methinks. ☺

seekingmyLord said...

Depends on the husband and the cat, I suppose. My vote, given my current situation, is the cat.