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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Serious illness doesn't bother me for long because I am too inhospitable a host. ~ Albert Schweitzer

I have woken up this morning feeling as if I might be almost well. I have tested all the limbs & they are aching less than they were. The nose isn't dripping. There is no headache. I rose from my bed tentatively but have not felt the need to return to it immediately. Hopefully this is the precursor of more good things to come.

I need to be well. Apart from anything else I have to send in Star's school work ~ if I can find any. With me down & out the house has been slowly submerging under a deluge of everyone's un~put~away belongings. The washing up has not been done. The washing is higher than the machine ~& it is threatening to rain ~again! There are things I need to be doing & now we have that lovely spurt of spring weather before it gets all summer hot & muggy I really need to get out in the garden ~ especially if I want a veggie garden any time soon!

Mind you, Marlow has the best idea. He has found the warmest, most comfortable spot in the intermittent sunshine & is fast asleep! Tempting...but I've slept an awful lot this last week. It is so nice to be feeling well again!


loving, laughing and learning said...

did anyone escape term 3 unscathed with all their work done? So far I haven't heard of a single person, you've definelty got company on the work and disruptions front.

Ganeida said...

I don't think anyone got out alive unless it was Ruby. I want done with this year!

seekingmyLord said...

Thank the Lord you are finally feeling some relief!

Amanda said...

I am glad you are feeling somewhat better... sometimes it would be nice to have the responsibilities of a cat or dog wouldn't it?! No washing to be concerned over etc etc lol.

Ruby said...

So very pleased to hear you are back on deck!
Hmm...I did get the work returns in, whether one would say I am alive???? questionable! I too am very tired. I am okay about another term...I just do not operate well in the heat and it is starting to warm up already. Hot and muggy, I know exactly what you mean. It saps out the energy in no time. If I had any sense we would school through the September holidays and finish a couple of weeks earlier. But apparently I don't have a lot of sense and besides, that would just be two more hot weeks to loll around trying to get out of the heat!
I don't have a post in me so this will have to suffice.:-)

Ganeida said...

Seeking: I think we have turned the corner...☺

Amanda: I want to be my mother's cat next time round. ;P

Ruby: I think my Star has made this year very difficult. She's had enough but we have 2 more years to go. Will I get out alive? ☺ We will be working through the hols. Again Yep. Star's behind!