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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Radio astronomy.

Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof; When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? Job

Radio astronomy. Did you even know such a thing existed? Seriously. Well, I didn't. OK, so weird things grab my attention & this is weirder than most.

Radio astronomy studies celestial objects at radio frequencies. Why anyone ever wanted to do this I'm not sure. It may have evolved from Einstein's insistence that *God doesn't dice with the universe* & he set about proving just that [say what?]. Current thinking is that apparently God does but just how they've proved that escapes me. Math stuff. lol. And studying this stuff found things like *dark matter*. Don't you just love the names scientists give stuff?! Can't just say outright , "We've got no idea what this is but mathematically it has to exist." Oh no. That is far too simple. Nope, gotta call it something exotic like *dark matter* that people have to look up before they know what is meant. My imagination runs wild at this point. Dark Matter. Really? Dark matter is stuff that's undetectable from its emitted radiation but whose presence is inferred from the gravitational effects on visible matter. Almost sounds like a description of God to me but I don't think that's what they mean because they then go on to talk about *missing Mass*. Hey, what can I say? Scientific jargon has some of the most exotic language I know. Try cosmic microwave. Serious term. No, really.

Half a page of this stuff & my mind's about to implode. I don't have the scientific mind, line upon line, precept upon precept, but when God bails up Job to demand who he thinks he is & why is he whinging about his lot in life because He was round when the morning stars first sang each to each ~ I get that. I get the scope & the majesty, the dark matter & the missing mass & that, after all, God may indeed dice with the universe. He can afford to when He controls how the dice will fall.

I don't think I should read this stuff. The more I read the less I know; the less I know the more I read...


Jan Lyn said...

Oh Ganeida, this piece made me smile. I often feel that way. I so enjoy your honesty and wit.
Blessings on your week,
Jan Lyn

A. said...

For some unknown reason, I rather enjoyed and "got" a lot of quantum physics (Schroeder's cat and all that fun.) Likely because the stuff is so abstract. But dark matter and black holes and even basics like light years escape me. Makes me woozy. And yet, off to Google cosmic microwave.


seekingmyLord said...

Are you edging into my sandpit again!?!?

Want to read some really weird stuff that makes you say "hmmm"? Try Dr. Carl Baugh's "Panorama of Creation," which gives one explanation how the stars singing was probably once heard on the Earth even by humans.

Ganeida said...

Really? I definitely must read that!

Ganeida said...

Allison: I had to look up Schroeder's cat but the bible will give you the same idea within as many verses as often as not so I'd probably cope with that & I got black holes because someone once said they were original chaos & if you could enter one you would enter into the mind of God. I know, I know. My mind works in bizarre ways.

Seeking: I looked up Baugh. He seems to be a little controversial & perhaps not completely honest. Should I even consider taking him seriously? The Answers in Genises people don't like him either.

seekingmyLord said...

I did write that it was weird, didn't I?

I actually don't so easily discredit even the more controversial of Baugh's ideas. In fact, my research verifies, at least for me, that the sky was probably not blue when the world was created; it was more likely magenta, a soft pink, or at least the sun was reddish. Magenta is the same color that makes plants grow the best (because green-chlorophyll is the opposite attractor of magenta in the light spectrum), makes people heal faster, makes all colors *pop* with our visual range, hence the term rose-colored glasses, as well as other biology factors. (You may have noticed that the color of the sun and sky is not really mentioned in the Bible, particularly before the flood.) It would be difficult to go into the details as to why, without practically writing a book, I am inclined to believe many of the things he wrote about, but that is not to say that I believe he has all the answers.

Also, while I am *very* appreciative of Ken Ham's work with AiG, I think he is yet another who does not have all the answers. Some of his concepts do not explain what I have seen in my research, which, of course, would probably be considered highly controversial as well. I know that I have more questions than answers, but there are definite markers that suggest specific environmental conditions must have existed when man was first created or perhaps when man first fell from God's protection by sinning.

That is enough of the deep stuff for me. It is getting late here. Look at it this way, what fun would it be for the Lord if we all knew the answers about Creation, so we all could agree on them? I think you are up the mysterious Dr. Baugh's stuff, even with its touch of science. At the very least, you might find some material to inspire your next fantasy novel.

Ganeida said...

Yes, I have heard the magenta sky theory & I will try most things once. Just wondering if I could give the man any credence at all or if he was completely off the wall.

seekingmyLord said...

Now you know there is hardly anything about me that is mainstream so . . . of course, he is off the wall, but the question is *how* completely? Maybe I should write a fantasy novel too with just a touch of sci-fi?