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Monday, April 20, 2009

The changing of the guard.

I shall not die of cold. I shall die of having lived. Willa Sibert Cather

I know most of you get snow but my thermometer was in the low 60s this morning & that is definitely on the nippy side round here. Plus, there was this sharp little breeze around, the sort with razor teeth & ice tentacles for fingers & straight off the Pole. Brrr.

I know it was cold because the cat parked himself across my thighs last night & every effort to budge him only resulted in him entrenching himself further as a dead weight. Issi loves the cooler weather because the idiot child who acquired him never stopped to think how much a double coated animal was going to suffer through a Queensland summer ~ & suffer Iss does.

We find him draped in odd places trying to catch the slightest whiff of cool air. Eating becomes a huge effort & he grows thin ~ though it is hard to tell under all that fuzz. As the weather grows cooler he waxes plump & is happy to snuggle into available laps.

This is my shopping week & I am contemplating my almost bare cupboards. The boys have been home & have mowed us down to the bare boards but what do I do? The weather has been unseasonably warm. Everyone is still munching on toast & fruit for breakfast but should I buy rolled oats & semolina now or wait a few weeks longer? Decisions, decisions. Is it time to start stocking up on the tinned soups & noodles or are carrot & celery sticks still in vogue as snacks? Extra milk & Milo? And what to do with Ditz who has suddenly declared she is vegetarian but will eat neither mushrooms nor lentils? So not going there.

And then there is the house renovating which now means the moving about of my entire library. I'm a homeschooler, ex~librarian, a Bachelor of Arts in Language & Literature & a writer. Trust me. You don't begin to want to know how large my library is.

And a sweet friend who knows we have owned children rather than nice possessions graciously gave us another lounge. It is badly needed but where am I going to put it? My entire living room needs to be reshuffled. I loathe moving furniture around ~ with good reason. It is round about this time of the year we always started finding snakes in the house looking for somewhere to hibernate & invariably one or other of the children would find one in the room they were inhabiting. The finding of a snake in one's room necessitated the immediate vacation of said room no matter the time of day or night & I can assure you, lugging mattresses & bed frames up & down stairs at midnight with a hysterical child in tow is not my idea of fun.

I enjoy this sort of thing so much I am in serious denial. *sigh* The Lord wasn't mistaken when He said in this life we would have trouble & tribulation.

[OK, I'm joking, all right?!]


Sandra said...

So much to ponder. Low 60's being considered cool : ), poor double coated cat that plants himself on legs. Ditz going vegetarian, but doesn't want to eat the things which will give her protein, and SNAKES! I'm worn out.

seekingmyLord said...

And I thought some of my post blogs where bit of this and that! Whew!

I actually like snakes--OUTSIDE, of course!!!

You know that I am into the Blood Type thing and that includes diet. If I remember right, Ditz's type does better as mostly vegetarian, so it might be rather healthy for her as long as she does not go too crazy on the pasta. I know some obese vegetarians. So, is she going all out? Is she including fish and eggs?

Ganeida said...

Seeking: I'm not the one with the aversion to snakes.:)

I'd forgotten you were into the blood thing & will at least give sensible advice. My household drives me batty. Half of it is meat & stodge, Ditz & I aren't but Ditz is fussier & I won't go with her on this one unless she gets a real grip on the nutritional needs of a vegetarian. I have been vegetarian ~ when Dearest worked away all the time ~ so I have some idea. Unfortunately Ditz does like her pasta! :(

Britwife said...

"we have owned children rather than nice possessions"

That is the best quote I've ever stolen from you - ever! (And I WILL use it, trust me!) Because that describes the Britwife household to a "T".

I have to draw a line at snakes. Can't stand the things...they give me the willies. I can kiss a mouse on the lips, I can hold an iguana, but no snakes, thank you very much.

Do you only grocery shop monthy, or every other week? I wish I could be better about budgeting and groceries. That is my downfall...I am a food hoarder. If it's on sale, I'll buy 10 tins/cans. When we try to fit more food in the overly full cupboard, you will hear me saying, "This is a GOOD problem to have!" to no one in particular. I am peculiar that way.

P.S. BTW - another similarity about us. My degree from the University of Wisconsin is a Bachelor of Arts....with a minor in LIBRARY SCIENCE!!!! AAaah! I am a budding librarian at heart! (I only worked in the college library though).

Ganeida said...

Britwife: Really & truely? These similarities are getting scary! Quote away!

Ganeida said...

Oops, not meaning to be rude just tired & losing the plot here. I shop for groceries once a fortnight, about Thursday. Every few days I top up our fruit & veg supplies depending on who's here, what they eat, what I can pick from the garden & how the money is holding up. lol. It all depends on the money.;)

MamaOlive said...

When it hits 60 here we are all outside enjoying the lovely warm weather. :-) But it wasn't that long ago that 60 was a nice chilly evening. ha.
Vegetarian? Oh, boy. I have vegetarian relatives; some because they are SDA and one is just an animal activist. Get her a loaf of "Ezekiel bread" if they sell it over there - it is a complete protein, and it's biblical. And just strange enough that it might cure her. ;-)
Don't want to go there with snakes.
Moving furniture? That's Bob's department. I rearrange books on a shelf and think the whole room looks different, but he gets notions and starts pulling the couch around. Less often lately, but I'm starting to feel that we are due for a change.

Molytail said...

I've been a vegetarian since I was a young teen - but I have to admit, I'm not the healthiest version of one. :-P

Mushrooms? I love 'em, but far as I knew they weren't really high in anything (? oh wait, were you thinking of Quorn? I'm familiar with that, though it isn't sold here at all..)...lentils are good, I like 'em.. has she ever had chickpeas? (also called garbanzos - the things that hummus is made from, YUM) ... will she eat tofu? I never learned to do anything fancy with it - because nobody else in the house will touch it - so I haven't got good recipes... I just fry the firm version and make a toasted TLT ;-)

Peanuts? Almonds? Other sorts of nuts? (Yummy in a trail mix)

Veggie burgers? (there are some gross ones & some delicious ones - it's trial and error. Oh and veggie burgers are always better on a bbq, I find.)

If she's still gonna eat eggs and dairy, that's a source... I don't s'pose she would touch cottage cheese? High in protein...though I HATED it as a kid LOL ...

Um, as weird as it will sound...a snake roaming the house wouldn't bother me -- well, wait. Let me add a word.. a NON-poisonous snake roaming the house wouldn't bother me... ;-)

seekingmyLord said...

Ezekiel bread? Yummy! I relish it personally, but one never knows with Ditz, does one?

If you need a good veggie burger recipe, I have one I really like. I was actually thinking of making for dinner tonight!

Ganeida said...

Moly: mushrooms are a *whole food*, like bananas ~ & Ditz won't touch 'em! She doesn't like lentils either. I like chickpeas & mushrooms but will pass on the rest. She likes cake so we still have eggs going. :) Ditz is my fussiest eater. Drives my mother bonkers because she's always pulling things out of her meals & putting them on the side of her plate. I was a bit the same way so I try not to fuss at her. She has improved a bit with age...sort of

OK, Seeking, pass your recipe over. I'll try anything once. :)

Constance said...

hello there friend!

I got a chuckle when I read about the boys eating you down to the bare cupboards. I told Dave I think we should start claiming all of Charlie's friends as tax deductions! When I grocery shop, I keep in mind what sort of snacking stuff to have in the house for all of his friends. Pizza rolls, hot pocket sandwiches, chicken nuggets, egg rolls, hot dogs, cookies, ice cream and so on. Then there's the canned soda...I typically get the generic stuff rather than the name brand kind. I figure when Charlie is completely on his own, my grocery bills will drop dramatically because I won't be feeding all of his friends!!!! Still, I'd rather have them all hanging out here watching TV or playing their video games than somewhere else. All too soon, this chapter of my life will be written and it'll be time to start a new one. Sigh...

We are in Spring here and it's been beautiful! All too soon however, the misery of summer will be upon us and I'll be staying indoors rather than working in my flowers. I don't care for Texas summers which is why we won't stay in Texas when Dave retires.

seekingmyLord said...

I am so happy to say I found it online so I can save my fingers! I originally found it in the Arrowhead Mills Cookbook by Vicki Rae Chelf published in 1993.

Try this link:

I decided I could not wait until dinner so we had it for lunch with my Red Holiday Coleslaw on the side. When my daughter was a toddler she loved them and we would split a patty. Later she did not like them for a long time and now she is liking them again, thankfully, but I do cut back a bit on the onions.

Unfortunately, they are quite filling and now that supper time is approaching I am still not hungry even though I made small patties and ate just one.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: These sound lovely & I will try them as soon as I can get some TVP ~ may have to go to the mainland for that. I've got her some protein replacement stuff to start with but she's to go on~line & research how she needs to eat. lol ;) or I will pull the plug pronto because she could get sick quite quickly unless she eats properly. If she gets herself on track I will go with her as cooking two meals for 4 people is no more work than cooking a different meal for 1! As I do know what I'm doing [within reason, having been down this track before] Ditz will need to be on the ball indeed.

kimba said...

Brother was vego for some years but apparently had to stop as the doctor said he was getting malnourished. He wasn't home at the time so we don't know if it was true.