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Thursday, April 30, 2009

If the doctor told me I had 6 minutes to live I'd type a little faster. Issac Asimov.

We have sickness in the house. Funny tummies & headaches ~ & lots of lethagy. May be just the changing of the seasons? One can only hope. Liddy working in the freezer does not help. She tends to have a drippy nose pretty constantly. Ditz is the only well one ~ naturally! Just what the rest of us need!

Dearest & I finished one of the many building projects around here & finally, after 20 odd years, put in a missing window upstairs that has only had a sheet of ply preventing anyone plunging 2 stories to the ground. As neither he nor I like heights it was quite some project. Now I get to shift things round some more so he can build the storage space I have been begging for for 20 odd years! :) All things come to those that wait!

Our new schedule seems to be working reasonably well. Ditz has at least done every subject this week. Must be a first!


seekingmyLord said...

May the Lord bless you with healing.

Mrs. C said...

20 years!!??

Maybe I should stop nagging my husband LOL!

Hope you are all well soon.

Sandra said...

I think you work too hard. That and season change. Ditz is young, she can take it. You, my dear need to reserve your strength. What would I do without your gentle wit?

Anonymous said...

May God bless Ditz, as she so richly blesses you, although I suspect that He already is.