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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where is the Love?

"The Church must send or the church will end." — Mendell Taylor

I have the oddest thinks.
I don't post much on FB.  Purely from a practical viewpoint my computer is more than likely to have a conniption & melt down all over cyberspace.  For another my FB page bothers me.  It has bothered me for some time but seeing as what I do on FB [mostly] is play games I have let it ride & let it ride as if by ignoring the whole thing it would just go away & I wouldn't have to think  'cause thinking hurts, dontcha know.

My friends list divides pretty evenly into *Christian* & non~Christian.  I imagine most of my Christian friends have the same thing  Every so often something so questionable hits my wall I have to delete it but that doesn't bother me too much.  That's what the delete button is for & seriously, what else can anyone expect from those who don't know Christ yet?

What is far more bothersome is what hits my wall from Christians.  Now don't get me wrong.  I appreciate enormously the encouraging notes, the pretty pics, the links to interesting articles, you tube clips, sermons etc but more & more I have been struck by something that is making me rethink even keeping my FB page.

Nowhere in my bible can I find an injunction to argue with fellow believers over doctrine.  Yet more often than not that is what I see happening ~ not from those actually on my friend's list but there seems to be a general thing in Christian circles where Christians wade in boots & all to argue doctrine to the death with other Christians ~ after Christ so clearly stated They will know you are my disciples by your love!

And it has struck my rather muddled brain that if we were actually doing what Christ asked us to do & expending our energy proclaiming the Good News to those who have not heard it & demonstrating Christ's love to those who do not know it we would be far less likely to be involved in vain arguements ~ because I have yet to see anyone actually change their opinion over what gets posted on FB.

I do understand we are to study the Word to ensure we are not in error ~ we are to study ~ because it is the Spirit who leads us into all Truth.  What has left a bitter taste in my mouth is that in the name of proclaiming the truth Christians have waged an internal war that is an incredibly poor witness to unbelievers.  Given the sheer savagery with which some commentators express their opionion [backed by scripture] I don't wonder why the world wants nothing to do with us when we know [or should know] it is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance. [Rom.2:4]

So is it just me or does this bother others also?  And what is the answer?


Finding Joy said...

Most of my Facebook friends are family and it's great for that purpose . But I have been caught up in disagreements on FB with other christain women and it is really pointless and I shouldn't. Some can get very preachy especially when they know I work. It's the "I'm a better christian than you are because I am at home". I probably sound just move on and annoy .

Ruby said...

Thanks for the reminder to be loving and thoughtful. I am very aware of my unsaved friends on FB and am trying to be a good witness to them. Perhaps you can be my accountability partner for FB, Ganeida, and let me know if something I have linked to is divisive. I have struggled lately with some of my FB friends putting up pro same sex marriage slogans and articles. I have not retaliated in comments but have linked to a couple of "Christian" articles. I often delete the unsuitable things my nieces and nephews post but am happy to say most of my FB crowd have news and lovely stuff up.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks it is pointless to argue doctrine on FB. I post the things that I feel like posting. I rarely repost the "If you love God share" posts because I don't think I need to share your picture to prove my love for my Lord. I will not engage the non-Christians on my FB with a debate of beliefs, instead I let them see joy and love through my actions :) P.S. I had to delete games from my FB because I spent too much time on them :/

Joyfulmum said...

Well said Ganeida! I don't think online arguments (sorry I meant discussions ) ;) on doctrine changes anyone and is a bad witness. I keep away from these! I actually rarely post anything on fb except to "like" friends posts or pics to encourage them or sometimes share some encouraging quotes. I also have a good mix of Christian and non Christian friends on fb so I want my presence there to be encouraging and a good witness.

Butterfly said...

Great article and comments so far :) I'm uncomfortable with FB for various, complicated reasons. One of which is it seems to drag my thoughts back to 'Egypt' (aspects of my life before being spirit filled) ... I really need to avoid that.

I only recently picked up FB again as a way to get news about a specific event. It seems the only way I will hear from some people. Question is, do I (again) deactivate my FB account and let those people go, again? Or continue to wade through updates from an increasing number of people? On one hand I want to know how people are, but I feel like a spy to be honest.

I think I should save my social energy for real life interaction, and a handful of forums and blogs I choose to follow. Your thoughts have added to my feeling that I might quit FB while I'm ahead (the Lord has called us to watch and wait, and IF FB distracts me from that then it's gotta go). It may help some people but isn't for everyone.

Still weighing up the pros and cons, and interested to see how it pans out for you, too.

Lynda said...

I don't have a problem with Facebook...because I don't do it!!!

I have heard so many negative comments from so many people I can't understand why people bother with it. I do emails and my blog, and read selected blogs, and that takes up more than enough of my time.

I don't know why people hang onto something that is obviously causing them grief?

Just my thoughts... :o)

Ganeida said...

Jolouise: I won't play but I still dislike thearguing going up on my wall.

Ruby: you are a sweetie. I've never noticed anything nasty from your direction.

Birbitt: lol Best part of FB ;D

joyfulmum: :D Another sweetie. Yes, it pays to keep out of trouble.

BUtterfly: I understand. Sadly I have very good reasons for keeping FB

Lynda: Yep ~ I am so there but FB is still the quickest & easiest way to keep in contact with my daughter in Chile. Her internet access is dodgy but she can often leave a quick comment on FB when all else fails.

seekingmyLord said...

Okay, a confession...I do have a Facebook account, but it is in a fictitious name and none I typically use. I do not use FB other than to look for people with whom I would like to reconnect and they are few and now to get more points for winning a blog giveaway. I am thinking of doing more since so many contests and giveaways can be entered by FB. Other than that, I am not all that interested in it.

What you have described is one of the reasons I do not do message boards much. It is same old, same old or same old with new and different people. I like writing it once and referring to my blog post thereafter. This life is too short. We have a greater calling to do than to worry about what kinds of meat one should or should not eat, so to speak.

On the other hand, Ganeida, Christians are people and arguing the finer points of ones beliefs is human nature. It sharpens each other so that they are better prepared when a non-believer asks what they believe and why. However, there should be balance. The point is not to try to win the argument, but to sharpen each other, not to argue for the sake of argument, but because God has led us to do so. The Holy Spirit also uses people to guide another.