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Monday, August 6, 2012

I own my curves...The Star

 Seventeen years ago Dearest & I did a very late run to the mainland where we spent an exhausting night encouraging our reluctant youngest into the world; a world where she has expected to shine as its brightest STAR ever since.

Seventeen years.  My baby hardly qualifies as my baby any more & yet whenever I look at her I still see, through the lying patina of the years, the dimpled, roly~poly with the crinkled red curls who had so inexplicably  wedged herself across my pelvis till she could neither turn  nor straighten through the long hours of the night.  We were very glad when she finally got her act together & emerged bright eyed & bushy~tailed to exert her charms on all & sundry.

She spent her special day in Performance at Cooparoo.  What can I say?  Happy as a lark in mud.

Tomorrow she heads up to the island school ~ the first time ever the child will be spending a prolonged period of time in a public school classroom ~ as she has put her name down to be trained for the reading program.  Somehow I think she will make rather a good teacher.  She's firm but very fair & she has a great sense of humour! Wow.  I can remember teaching her to read ~ an exceptionally easy task with a little chocolate as bribery!  It hardly seems possible so much time has passed ~ & yet it has.  Inexorably.   All those years ago the nurses ribbed me about never ever putting the child down.  She was held & cuddled 24/7 ~ if only because, as I pointed out, there were 4 others at home all competing for my attention so once home I was unlikely to have another opportunity like this.  I did not know my Star.  No~one gets to ingore the Star!

Next year we will have to put her celebrations on hold till our Liddy gets home.  That is going to be one very special get together!  Twelve months & counting down...

Big personality.  Quirky. 


Ruby said...

Happy birthday. "Twinkle Twinkle"
Those school kids had better watch out I reckon. :-)
Good to chat old friend xo

Julie said...

Happy birthday to Star!!! What a blessing it is to be loved like this....xo

Joyfulmum said...

I missed this somehow ! Happy birthday to your dearest Star!!!