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Monday, March 19, 2012

Yeah, I think I'm gonna make it

'Cause God won't make a mountain I can't climb

It's getting better all the time

It's getting better all the time. ~The Beatles

Well,  I gotta wonder about my life.  Saturday I was wandering round the shops with Star buying *Concert Blacks* because I am singing with the QFC; the QFC has created a bit of upset in some circles, though why is beyond me.  What they are fussing about is something every chorusmaster does & surely singers have the right to study under the direction of their choice?  Anywaaays....because I never joined QPAC it's not my bunny to worry about.  I just have to worry about the fact my music confuses me, the bass sends me droning in my boots & some days I just can't *hear* any of the notes at all ~ let alone hit them sucessfully!  Like with everything she does Alison has high goals for this choir: International sucess, no less!  Ah, well.  I shall enjoy the journey while I can!

Of course Jeanne decided to play mind games with my head space so I have been haring off down bunny trails with gay abandon rather than doing the zillion other things round here that require my attention ~ none of which are half so interesting, which is why I chased the bunny. ☺

And then I did something super stupid.  I mean really, really stupid.  I surpass myself some days.  I believe I mentioned at one point Rhema wanted to know why I wasn't in school with Dino.  I have a list of reasons as long as my arm & so I never bothered consulting the Lord.  I homeschool ~ & no, Star is not the sort of child who can be left to her own devices; I have a sick husband; I have a home business.  I have the whole music circus ~ so I have been cheerfully assuming I don't have to worry.  I could not have been more wrong.

Yesterday I got around to checking back with the Lord on this on.  I have been told.  And then some. *sigh*  How the Lord thinks this is going to work I have nooo idea.  Dino has not helped.  You know, mum, my child says trying to comfort my panic, you have to do the street thing?  I have to do what!!!  O.K, there are a multitude of ways to skin this cat.  If the Lord is really that keen he can land the prospective convert slap bang in my lap because I cannot see myself approaching some complete stranger on the street & *presenting the gospel*.  Um, just no.  And I have to have a ministry.  This one really did panic me.  Most people do stuff like ushering, or the youth group or some such & I am so not the person for that sort of thing.  I don't have time.  Then I remembered my neglected blog ~ I have had a ministry for years.  I just need to get it oked by the school. And you have to preach.  Finally something that doesn't panic me.  The one thing that probably does everyone else's head in is the one thing I am perfectly fine with.  It has been a long time since I did any formal study though so goodness knows how this will pan out in reality.

Can you imagine the end of my year?  Should I melt down now to save time later?  Or let it build up a good head of steam?  Yikes.  I think I need my head read!


Joyfulmum said...

You'll be fine Ganeida, you will! :)
Btw didn't realize you ran a business from home!

Jeanne said...

I'm sorry I did your head in. It was done in love, truly.

And I'm so glad you have your blog ministry.

Hugs and lots of grovelling,


Ganeida said...

Rosemary: Technically it's Hubby's business. I'm just the staff. And thank you for having sio much faith in me. ☺

Jeanne: I like nothing better than having my head done in by a friend! ;P Grovelling totally unnecessary but I hope you are stocking up on chocolate for when we do this in person! :D

Julie B. said...

I would come to hear you preach, any day. As a matter of fact, I come to see what you write, every day. :)

Have a blessed day....

Ganeida said...

JulieB: We really need to catch up. I'm not free this week or next. How's the one after looking for you?

seekingmyLord said...

And you thought my year of truthfulness was going to be interesting...? I cannot wait to see where this will take you!

HomeGrownKids said...

Yuu need a link to your ministry blog/preaching blog in your sidebar. There. That's all. For now.

I love your work. Keep preaching it sister.

Ganeida said...

Seeking: Hah! You know who I'll be blathering all over don't you?!! ;P

Susan: Link is there but not obvious. If you click on the Quaker lady on the right under Thoughts about God it will take you there.

Can you email me? I need your help with Aussie Homeschool forums. I'm just sooo computer smart.

HomeGrownKids said...

Aha! Found it again, thanks to your directions. I followed your instructions to the 't' so hopefully won't forget.

have also emailed you :)