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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A piece of 8" metal.

There's nothing so exhilerating as to be shot at without result. ~ Churchill.

I thought we were done.  I thought the gremlins had moved out.  I thought we'd done our set of 3 & could move right along.

Apparently not.

We were looking good.  The lad had scored an 18 hour park which meant when Star & I went over we did not have to trudge miles through wet parkland to find our car.  It was right there, looking snazzy amongst all the other work vechicles.  We flipped the Ps to Ls, Star filled in the Ks & the time in her little book & off we went, round the corner & up the hill ~ where there was suddenly one of those sounds you never want to hear when you are in a car: a resounding clang...ting~ting~ting.  I glanced back.  An piece of 8" metal was lying in the road.

*sigh*  We went & collected it so I could tell the mechanic, "This fell off.  I assume we need another bit where this came from." I do not know when it will get to the mechanic because that is our mainland car & it is in use every day.  Noisy but drivable.

Are we done yet, Lord?


Sandra said...

Oh, oh. I hope putting it back is not so bad. I am not so inclined to this sort of mischief so I cannot give you a morale boost, I'm sorry to say. Cars can be inconvenient.

Ruby said...

I know all about this sort of thing xo

seekingmyLord said...

If it were not for these problems, you would not appreciate the the car as much when all is working well--or so they tell me.