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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This, that & the other thing.

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. ~ Elwyn Brooks WhiteThis is our performance week.  I'm afraid the flyer won't enlarge but Saturday night, St Stephens, Brisbane, for a 8pm start.  The music is lovely & the ticket prices more than reasonable so if you are in Brizzie come check us out.

And because you read here you can have the inside goss too!

Which begins with my beloved son locking our only set of mainland keys inside the car!!!  I was not saying loving things about the child because he, naturally, had no money to pay the locksmith to come & fish them out again!  I had to go over, at a minute's notice, the night we had an extended rehearsal to sort it out. 

 For seconds it is being recorded.  I'll let you all know about that too!

Rehearsal included St Stephen's organist & we do the technical check Friday ~ which will be long & boring but necessary to balance voices with organ & all 7 parts: 1st soprano, 2nd soprano 1st alto, 2nd alto, tenors, baritones & basses.  Even in rehearsal it sounds absolutely supurb!  AVAE is performing too so the Star will be very busy.

While not technically on holidays yet Star & I have quit.  All our music is on the computer & we will both be putting in hours over the next few days: Star because she's professional; me because I'm awful.  No, I'm not soloing.  You may all breathe a sigh of relief & come anyway because I can't be heard & all the great singers can.

Then we had our term visit from our supervisor ~ which is now really funny because we sit & chat & there is no fussing about Star's schoolwork.  I think even her supervisor is over Star's math!  The rest, she knows we turn in work, which I had ready to go, finally! She knows Star's a bizarre learner.  She walked into a house smelling richly of Star's banana cake & jam drop slice & a cat that was absolutely delighted to have company!

Marlow decided Marilyn was the ants pants & ran round like a mad thing showing off, stole Marilyn's pen to chew on, flopped all over her folder expecting tummy rubs & purred like a coffee grinder every time anyone so much a looked at him.  He put on an incredible display of Look at Me!  Look at Me!  Unfortunately for him Marilyn is highly allergic to cats but she did find his antics both astonishing & funny.

Dino is just about through his first term of college ~ amazing in itself but all his teachers adore him & are always pulling his parents aside to tell us how wonderful he is.  So he is ~ except when he locks my keys in my car & then expects me to fix his problem!  Still he has redug & replanted the vegetable garden but like all of us at this time of term he is very tired.

I am off to hang out my washing & find both sets of concert blacks, polish my shoes & adjust to Star doing my make~up because I don't have a clue & she owns the only make~up in the house.  We are heading for a huge weekend again but I promise to share all the fun bits ~ including finding the cathederal!  Star is driving. Unfortunately that means I am navigating.  Wish us luck.


HomeGrownKids said...

I want to see your makeup that Star applies! We need pictures. We need pictures!

Ah, so life is *like that* for other people too? It's not just me? Is it sickening that I find some strange comfort in that?

wayne said...

Alleuia, praise the Lord. Is that our lost daughter coming down the road? I have the sandles and clothes ready to welcome you to the catholic faith, the holy spirit truely works in mysterious ways lol.
Do you have our email address? So I can find out details. We went to a concert series there in the past so it should come out well. I would like more info, cost when it will finish ect. By the way if its going to be late night for you, you are both welcome to stay with us if you wish.

Ganeida said...

Wayne! Funny Bunny. Mass finishes before we start. %P Starts at 8pm, finishes at 9.30. It will be a mix of sacred & secular. Some tickets at the door: $20 adults, $10 children, $18 concession. QFC is doing the Seal Lullabye, Alleluia, For the Beauty of the Earth, the Lord is my Shephard [according to The Vicar of Dibley] Ave Verum. Not sure what AVAE or Exaudi are doing. Exaudi might do Rockin' Jerasulem, which is one of their showcase pieces. They do it very well. ☺

Thanks for the offer of a bed but we will head home. The girl will be really wired & should not be inflicted on anyone else. lol Say hi if you come.

Ganeida said...

Susan: I will ensure the girl takes some pics. I am waaay too old to be embarrassed by something like this! lol

Julie B. said...

I so enjoy your newsy updates like this. We'd love to see a picture of you with some makeup on too. :) Weird that you titled your post "this, that and the other" -- on the same day without knowing, mine was "this and that." :)