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Friday, March 30, 2012


The storm shall not wake thee/Nor shark overtake thee ~ the Seal Lullabye

It's on!  I put Star behind the wheel to drive into town last night.  You will all enjoy this far more than I did at the time.

Firstly, as we were settling into the car, Star floated the thought that she was driving into Cooparoo so why had we left home so early?  I looked at her.  Because I thought we were at the cathederal because of the acoustics etc.  No, said Star.  Why would it be at the cathederal?  She was so certain we began scrabbling for a phone number so we could ring & check.  Naturally I was right.

Naturally there was no petrol in the car.

Naturally it was footy night & the line of cars heading into town was bumber to bumper.

Naturally Star overshot the mark & it took us 45 minutes to fight our way back into Elizabeth Street.

Naturally the car park used a system we had never seen before.

Therefore we were very late.  I. hate. being. late. 

St Stephen's is a gothic revival cathederal in a cruciform shape with absolutely glorious acoustics!  It was built between 1864 & 1922 out of local stone though they went to the trouble & expense to import their stained glass windows from Munich!  The sound is seriously wonderful.  You just want to stand in the middle of the nave & warble strange sounds to hear them bounce back at you off the stone ; rather like yodeling for echos.  Small things...

We have 3 choirs performing ~ & we all have to be got on & off in an orderly fashion.  Thanks to our mishaps getting into town I have found myself slap bang in the front row!  Oh. Dear.  As a second Star is somewhere behind me.  The good news is the singers on either side & behind are good strong altos so I have some hope of being on the right pitch ~ at least some of the time!  Star has to juggle as she is singing with both AVAE & QFC ~ & being a good little non~ornamentation protestant has taken offence to the big crucified Christ hanging somewhere.  I didn't even see it but I'm a little more used to the Catholic tradition.

And if you want to know how seriously good AVAE sound in this space their a capella brought Alison to tears.  Missing 1/2 their voices but so beautifully trained they performed Adoramus Te unconducted to wild applause.  You can hear all the harmonies.  why am I performing?!

Naturally ~ we went overtime.

Naturally the footie stadium was emptying as we tried to negotiate foreign territory in the dark.

Naturally the car park didn't want to accept my credit card.

Naturally Star went the wrong way.

Ditto for forgetting her lights because we are used to driving down pitch black streets & some drunken yob thoughtfully yelled out at the intersection, Turn yer lights on, love!  Thank you, sir!

She got cut off in a merging lane ~ twice! I don't need adrenalin hits that late at night!

More by luck than good management we eventually found ourselves on the motorway & able to head home for the 11pm boat.

All to be done again tonight.  But at least we now know why we couldn't find the church car park.  It is hidden underground & accessed from the back street only!  That would have been handy to know!


Ruby said...

Just think how boring and uneventful other people's lives are!

Libby said...

Ha ha ha what an experience!!!

Glad it wasn't me. You should check out the way the Chileans drive though... Yesterday we had the annual protest of something something... We were told to not go out after dark. Fun and games. Bed time. Have a good day aye.

Ganeida said...

lol Ruby.

Take it that's your version of being sympathetic, hey, Lib? Give me strenght!

Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Ha-haa... you'll have time enough for the simple life later on... when you're no longer on this earth. :)

Hehee, I say that NOW. Remind me that I said this eh? Like tomorrow or Monday when I'm complaining about my lot in life. :)

seekingmyLord said...

And to think that my greatest thrill yesterday was getting the news from my husband that he missed his flight back home and could not get another until today in the afternoon, which means I have drive to the airport to bring him extra clothes and stuff so that he will make his flight to the UK a few hours later. All this during Spring Break in Atlanta, which means traffic is moves as well as if there is a major accident on every main highway and the traffic lights are not working on the main streets so it takes an hour an a half to go just twenty minutes worth of distance.

One day when you are bored at home with nothing to do and all the fledglings away and occupied with their own families, you will think fondly of such memories...and perhaps be thankful for your boredom.

Julie B. said...

Ditto Ruby. :)

Finding Joy said...

O'dear , what a story;) hope you could have a chuckle at the end.