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Monday, February 28, 2011

Here we go round the prickly pear

At five o’clock in the morning. T.S. Eliot

You wake up some mornings & the day just feels so right, you know: kids still sleeping peacefully in their beds; cats sprawled in dappled patches of early morning light; the splashy sound of water hitting the beach & the air, mmm, the air delicately laced with golden light & crisply clean like fresh sheets strung on the line.

I like living where we do.  Each morning I am reminded that God's mercies are new each day because each day I see it played out before my eyes.  When God made Adam He planted him in a garden not in an urban sprawl.  Whatever troubles the day may bring, & some days bring plenty, this early morning hangs suspended "between the idea & the reality/Between the motion & the act"[t.s.eliot ~ The Hollow Men] without any shadow.  There's a reason that man's my all time favourite poet!

First thing the day is so quiet ~ yet not quiet at all.  Marlow's rumbling purr as he greets me echos like thunder. Kirby's chirruping sounds over loud & along the verandah rail the butcher birds serenade the new day with joyous carolling.  I like the twilight zones.  They are full of possibilities.  Perhaps today Star can do math? ☺


seekingmyLord said...

I see...wishing the lovely morning will continue into the perfect day? I honestly wish you well with that, considering you mentioned "Star" and "math" in the same sentence, your ending question. So here is mine: Just how did that work out for you?

Ganeida said...

See the clock 8 AM. My day has barely begun but given I had a really blonde moment this morning: put the ear phones in my ears, plugged in to U~Tube then wondered why I was having so much trouble with the sound as I cranked the volume up ~ until Star arrived & plugged the other end into the computer! Ooops. I woke her. That does not bode well fort he rest of my day! lol

Persuaded said...

I generally love the early mornings... the alarm on my cellphone is usually set for 4am and those first few quiet hours are some of my favorite of the day. Except on days like today- I startled at about 7am this morning with my phone snuggled up next to me under the covers. Huh?? I'm not quite sure exactly how I managed to oversleep by 3 hours and I'm not at all sure why my phone was where it was when it was. All I can say is, I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend. I need those early morning hours to myself! lol..