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Monday, February 21, 2011

 "Oh," cried Chicken Little, "the sky is falling. I must go tell the king." ~Bulrovian fairy tale
 It stormed last night.  This morning the wind began to blow.  It blew & it blew until  this little old house rattled & shook & things thumped on the roof, rolled down the gutters & crashed through the shrubbery.  It has been very exciting.  We have no idea what will fly past next. Oh, & if you're not sure why this particular pic, the dark patches are the wind passing over the water. The darker the water, the stronger the gust.  The wind is from the south & has churned up the sea bed to a most gloriously icky shade of yuk.
 I hung out the washing.  I had a line full of demented dervishes billowing wildly in the breeze.
Even the wildlife is taking shelter on the lee side.  I found this tiny little caterpillar scuttling frantically up a stick insect that was attached to the nor'western side of this lantern. Yep, it's been a wild'n'wooly day on the islands today.  Tomorrow I am off to catch up with Ruby before she returns to wet'n'wild Rocky.  And after Ruby, choir rehearsal.  I think I may be just a little tired when I get home ~ though nowhere near as tired as Ruby who has to get on a jet plane.


Pen Wilcock said...

Wow! God bless your trees and may they stand firm to protect your home xx

Finding Joy said...

We have a huge gum tree out the front of our house and on very windy nights I get nervous because if it fell it would crush the house. So far, so good.

Ganeida said...

Ember: We are losing the *sails* ~ the bunchy new growth ~ off our trees but are well protected on our little hill.

Jo: Yeah, I don't really like wind. It has died out tonight so we will sleep sound. ☺

seekingmyLord said...

I am glad the Lord has kept you safe. Now if you would just stop running around, you could Skype me...?

Julie said...

We have had intense wind here too, and Lake Superior has great huge swaths of brown in it because of the churning. I loved the picture of the stick insect - have never heard of them!

Jane said...

Here in tennessee,we have had some wind,mostly mild temps. Almost spring like weather. I hope your wind calms down. Blessings jane

Jan Lyn said...

Sounds like this past weekend here and I'm not even in Australia! enormously tall pine tree crashed down and hit the side of our house on the way. Completely wiped out the dog pen-just thankful that Little one and the dogs were not out there as it was there scheduled time. I think it was a God thing. People think that's just happenstance. Fine with me. God happened to keep us safe! :)
Good catching up here though I'm at a loss for time to comment on all your pieces. Sure enjoyed reading them and especially seeing your photos. LUV 'The Boys are Back in Town' Funny.
I am a folky one too, though. :)
Blessings and Peace to you.
Jan Lyn

Anonymous said...

That's to do with stick insects? Some biologist I am - I never knew that! Mind you, I probably never got close enough to stick insects to find out about their habits - not my favourite insect. These days, though, I find myself going to the Science building at work to gaze longingly at the digital slideshows of cicadas, field trips and fishes.