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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain ~ Martin Mull

Theo is coming home.  Wednesday.  Good, I thought.  I have to be on the mainland Wednesday anyway because Wednesdays, as we all, know, is choir day.  Um, yeah.  Dino's flight lands in Brissie pretty much about when I should be dropping Star off so now we are juggling like mad.  Liddy is going to drive; drop us off, get Theo, pick us up again. I love complicating my life so much.

Maybe I should just give up on schooling my Star?  The stars all align against us.  And you know, she got it together so beautifully on Friday even her father was moved to comment.  She even did math without a major meltdown.  Don't I wish it was always like that! Plus, I have in my hot little hand 3 completed music theory tests.  OK, so it's her grade one stuff & it's taken her 3 months to get this far but I have them.

Now where did I put that grip I keep losing again?


Ruby said...

Ganeida, have a great week and I hope that everything comes together for you just so!
I will be attending an appointment at RBH on Tuesday 22. I don't suppose that is one of your Brissy days?

Jo said...

May next week all go well and life becomes less complicated . . . But sadly life is usually complicated:). But would you want a dull life?

Jynene said...

Hello! Fun blogs! Re: finding out Pen' s a Real writer... Hooray! Fun to connect because of her! See you around!

Jan Lyn said...

Enjoy the time I say. We take a day now and then and call it a 'mental health day' when all gets too complicated here. :)

joyfulmum said...

I'm still laughing at the mental picture from the quote at the top of your post! :)
oh Ganeida, your life is truly never dull!

Bonnie said...

What a great picture! I love that you have full grown men for sons and you still run around after them and worry like they were little. It's great being a Mum! It never ends!