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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One or two random thoughts

We survived the curse of the Gothic.
Yesterday Theo arrived home.  Star, Liddy & I arrived home behind him to find all the cups & most of the plates in the sink & a frying pan in the bin.  The boys had been out prawning once already & were back out when we walked in the door so there were prawn shells everywhere.  The baked beans were significantly reduced & all the cheese was gone. In a matter of hours.  Not days.  Not weeks.  Hours.

The boys are early risers.  My Star is not ~ which would matter less if my boys were the quiet types.  They are not.  Star might be the youngest of 5 but large family living has not been Star's daily lot.  She is not impressed.

I joked when Brisbane flooded & QPAC went under that the Curse of the Gothic was taking revenge.  It is no longer funny.  Most of the car parks in the area are still declared unsafe & while QPAC might be open to the public the backstage areas are mostly uninhabitable & the smell lingers. Ick.  We felt for Alison who is still auditioning in there & with Wicked in full swing no parking to be had.  She was sounding fraught.  I don't blame her.

The Gothic has tentacles like an octopus.  The open rehearsal has been & gone.  The performance is over & done for.  Even the critics are silent.  Last night however, we listened to some of the recording ~ which will be released.  When I actually have details I will say.  Alison had some other bits & pieces from other choirs for comparison but in my humble opinion our kids should be really proud of themselves.  I'm not sure how many children Alison ended up with but it was nowhere near the numbers she should have had ~ bit of a bone behind the scenes  ~ but there aren't all that many children's choirs that could deal with this & the commitment was huge ~ from parents as well as kids.  Lots of the kids pulled out & others weren't there for all the rehearsals, never mind the actual performance.  And the backbone of the children's chorus was AVAE [ Alison's Australian Vocal Arts Ensemble] which is what Star is involved with.  There weren't that many of them but they came in every time strong & sure ~ & they were the miked kids too.  I have no idea what Alison does but she gets the most wonderful sound out of her kids.  Just a handful can produce as much sound as a 30 voice choir.  I know.  I've heard it. There is a lovely clarity of tone but warmth as well & I thought they compared more than favourably with the lucky lot who did this in a studio with each section rehearsed & sung separately!  Not biased or anything!

Now if we can just sort out Star's pant problem she is back singing on Saturday. And next month.  If you are in Brissie then you can hear them here.  And if you do happen to be there & you do happen to notice my Star, do us a favour & make the girl's day; ask for an autograph. *snigger*!!!!


seekingmyLord said...

Yikes! I think I would make a stipulation that all adults who left home and are coming back, if even for a visit, must contribute to the food pantry.

I think Star should remember all that early morning clatter next time we Skype...whoops, did I write that out loud?

Prayers for Libby too.

Now about you...I think you need some chocolate laced with Valerian. ;)

Julie said...

I enjoy reading about your life, Ganeida. It's like looking through a window into a different world at times. God bless your family time - even the noise and the messes. I promise if I ever come to Australia I will most definitely want Star's autograph. :)